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Personal Effectiveness Essay

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PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS SCALE PE SCALE The PE scale gives personal effectiveness types in terms of self-disclosure, feedback, and perceptiveness. it contains 15 statement , five for each of the tree aspects. A respondent checks each statement, indicating the extent to which it is true of him or her. This instrument is self-administered. JOHARI WINDOW [pic] 1. The “open” quadrant represents things that both I know about myself, and that you know about me 2. The “blind” quadrant represents things that you know about me, but that I am unaware of.

. The “hidden” quadrant represents things that I know about myself, that you do not know. 4. The “unknown” quadrant represents things that neither I know about myself, nor you know about me Building Johari window ,a third dimension of effectiveness has also added. Eight triads of personalities are-: 1. EFFECTIVE 2. INSENSITIVE 3. EGOCENTRIC 4. DOGMATIC 5. SECRETIVE 6. TASK-OBSESSED 7. LONELY EMPATHIC 8. INEFFECTIVE PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS SCALE Name of student= Roll no= Organization = DATE= 20. 08. 2010 ITEM |RESPONSE |ITEM |RESPONSE |ITEM |RESPONSE | |1 |1 |2 |4 |3 |0 | |4 |1 |5 |0 |6 |1 | |7 |2 |8 |2 |9 |3 | |10 |0 |11 |0 |12 |0 | |13 |3 |14 |4 |15 |0 | |TOTAL |12(high) | |13(high) | |4 (LOW) | | |SELF-DISCLOSURE | |OPENNESS TO FEEDBACK | |PERCEPTIVENESS | IF TOTAL RESPONSE < 11 = LOW > 11 = HIGH

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PERSONALITY OF PERSON= On the basis of PE scale person is insensitive because he have high self-disclosure, high openness to feedback and low perceptiveness.

Enhancement of personality. Self disclosure= person has high self disclosure. He is able to share about him self to other. Openness to feedback = openness to feedback is high. Person is openness to receive feedback so that he can know more about himself which are aware to others but the person himself does not awere about himself. Perceptiveness= This is ability to receive verbal and non- verbal cues from others indicates perceptiveness. Person having low perceptiveness receive many cues and much feedback from others at first. but soon he may be seen manipulative and generally unavailable.

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