Procrastination Assessment Scale for Students

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The article discusses a study on the reasons why students procrastinate on term papers. Students were asked to rate the degree to which various reasons apply to their procrastination on a 5-point scale. The researchers assigned numerical values to the ratings and summed the scores for each procrastination area. The results showed that higher scores indicate greater self-reported procrastination. The study provides valuable insights into the factors that contribute to student procrastination.

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Think of the last time the following situation occurred. It’s near the end of the semester. The term paper you were assigned at the beginning of the semester is due very soon. You have not begun work on this paper. There are reasons why you have been procrastinating on this task. Rate each of the following reasons on a 5-point scale according to how much it reflects why you procrastinated at the time. Mark your answers on your answer sheet. Use the scale: Not At All Reflects Procrastinated Reflects Definitely Reflects Why I Why Procrastinated. You were concerned the professor wouldn’t like your work. . You waited until a classmate did his or hers so that he/she could give you some advice.  You had a hard time knowing what to include and what not to include in your paper. You had too many other things to do. There’s some information you needed to ask the professor, but you felt uncomfortable approaching him/her.  You were worried you would get a bad grade.  You resented having to do things assigned by others. You didn’t think you knew enough to write the paper. You really disliked writing term papers.  You felt overwhelmed by the task.

You had difficulty requesting information from other people.  You looked forward to the excitement of doing this task at the last minute. You couldn’t choose among all the topics. You were concerned that if you did well, your classmates would resent you. You din ‘t trust yourself to do a good job. You did ‘t have enough energy to begin the task. You felt adjust takes too long to write a term paper. You liked the challenge of waiting until the deadline. You knew that your classmates hadn’t started the paper either. You resented people setting deadlines for you.  You were concerned you wouldn’t meet your expectations.  You were concerned that if you got a good grade, people would have higher expectations of you in the future.  You waited to see if the professor would give you some more information about the paper.  You set very high standards for yourself and you worried that you wouldn’t be table to meet those standards.  You just felt too lazy to write a term paper.  Your friends were pressuring you to do other things.

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The PASS, scoring instructions, ND related articles can be found near the bottom of the Research page of Esther Ruthenium’s website, which is: https://van. Www-roman. Suds. Deed/ROTFLMBO/

The way in which we scored the questionnaire was by first assigning a numerical value to the 5-point Liker Scale for each question such that a? I, b=2, c=3, d=4, and e=5. We then summed the first two questions of each of the 6 procrastination areas 1+13+14+16+17) to get a total score. A higher score indicates more self-reported procrastination. This part of the PASS refers to items 19-44. Numerical value to the 5-point Liker Scale for each question such that a-I , b2, c3, +4, and d5.

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