Personal Growth by Continuing to Develop Your Knowledge and Wisdom

In I will talk about the clear view of developing a sense of biblical, divine calling for the students. We as soon-to-be teachers hope that we can help find our student’s call in finding God but also ask ourselves what we can do to help the succeed. We as teachers need to remember to ask our students how were they called. How did you know it was God? Did you have any hopes or fears for being called? When you ask a student why were you called to this place, at this time? Many of them do not have the answer because it is not clear why they are here. These callings don’t always make sense and it is like a message we must solve. Many of our students may ask you why God is calling me to go out of my comfort zone and help this person. To be honest the only thing we can tell our students is God put you on this mission for a reason.

We must remind them that they are not alone, and that scripture teaches us to be wise, but it does not teach us to be practical. Meaning it teaches us to teach our students the knowledge but only what they can see and know. We as soon-to-be teachers challenge our students to “fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen”. We need to remind all students of the divine calling that God has sent for them. We always learn growing up that God makes a way, even if there is no way. We need to remind our students no matter the calling that God takes them on remember that he may put you in an impossible situations, but his glory will still shine bright. He is still estimating us to follow now.

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Next, I will talk about a few different views of students, teachers, curriculum, or the purpose of education. I will start by talking about the teacher’s worldview. In a teacher mindset, we emphasize on modeling. We show our students a different view on calling. Being able to show students that having the biggest brain in the class doesn’t always get you the best job and the biggest paycheck. The Lord is preparing all our students’ hearts and minds to fulfill bigger roles. This view also allows our students to be a part of God’s Kingdom and fully transformed for Christ. Our students being transformed by Christ it allows them to see their lives in a bigger picture of God’s work. As a teacher, you want to see how God is working through every student’s life to change it or make it better.

As a student at Dordt, there are many views you see from a student perspective. Most students came to Dordt based on a calling that they can change their lives for something better. We as students believe our calling in life is something so much bigger than what we can handle because God is the one changing that for us. Each student has a specific calling whether it may be to be a pastor, teacher, business owner, lawyer, Doctor, and many more. We are all called to do something different but still share the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Finally, I will talk about how we as Christians will prepare our students for life and other calling and roles. We as Christians will prepare our students academically. We will encourage personal growth while still developing their knowledge and wisdom. We will make sure all students are prepared in financial responsibility as well as equip them to live life and serve for a purpose. We hope each student can strive in education to help educate people in the Christian faith. In conclusion, we as a soon-to-be teachers need to strive for excellence and teach our students how to know when god is calling you for your role in life.

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