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Academic success is affected by many different actors, such as, effective planning, time management, motivation and of course creating goals. Strong intrinsic motivation is essential for working adults to persist and succeed in continuing education over the long term. This is because intrinsically motivated persons participate in learning for its own sake and perceive the learning to be meaningful. They enjoy learning, and are able to utilize various cognitive and self-regulating strategies which lead to deep mastery of knowledge and skills (Lee, P. & Pang, V. , 2014). Research shows that students who are autonomously motivated persist longer, are utter in organizing their learning activities, are more concentrated, engage in deeper learning, achieve higher grades, and feel better than students who are driven by controlled motivation. (Venturous, G. , Gibbers, D. , Cornerstone, L. , Done, V. , & Peter, V. P. , 2012). Setting goals is a fundamental component to long-term success. The basic reason for this is that a person cannot get where he/she is trying to go until the location is clearly defined.

Goal setting not only allows one to take control of his/her life’s direction; it also provide a encroach for determining whether a person is actually succeeding. It can be an easy task to undertake, however it does require some thinking. The goals that can lead to SUccess should be well defined, computable, reachable, practical, and time limited. For example, one of my goals is that I will keep a 3. 0 Grade Point Average (GAP) throughout college. This goal can be measured and achieved in a timely manner (within 2 years). To pull off this purpose, It is necessary that I maintain at least a B average in all my classes.

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This can only e possible if I use all the tools offered by the university, such as, using online tutoring the Center for Writing Excellence (ICE) and Center for Math Excellence (CAME) to help improve writing and math skills, getting help from family and friends with daily life activities so that I do not become overwhelmed. Through one of the exercises offered in the course, found out that was an Aural/kinesthesia/interpersonal learner, which means I learn best through discussions or debates, by demonstration or hands-on, and often time by looking within myself.

It is commonly believed that learning tales are not really concerned with “what” learners learn, but rather “how” they prefer to learn and it is also an important factor for students’ academic achievement and attitudes (Global, M. 2013). Which ultimately means that understanding the way I learn will make it even more probable for me to achieve that 3. 0 GAP. Another component to continuous academic success is time management. Time is ultimately the most valuable resource.

It cannot be preserved and it is matchless. It can simply be transferred from actions of minor importance to actions of superior significance. Very part of labor entails time. Taking an instant to reflect on time prior to using it up it will develop personal time management and amplify efficiency without delay. Time-management is not a marginal action or ability. It is the nucleus capability whereupon everything in existence rest. It is so important that it is synonymous to life.

The aim of time management is to spend it doing the things that help in achieving goals and the things that are personally prioritize and valued. Categorizing how time is spent can help in verifying that it is used accurately and productively. It is also important to prioritize tasks. A good way to do that is to set up a to-do list including things such as school, work, family etc. Once the fixtures have been established make a note of other activities that may need to be included. Another component in achieving academic SUCCeSS is honesty.

Individuals are expected to create well-informed and innovative effort. To do so, there is a need to explore and familiarize oneself with the reflections and hypothesis of a lot of other people. It is vital to comprehend the regulations of academic integrity and to extend the admirable practices of citation and referencing as information is captivated. This is fundamental to investigative papers and dissertations. At the university of Phoenix, the Center for Writing Excellence is a good source to use to develop writing habits.

It lends a hand in building Thesis Statement, putting in order resources, repairing sentence structures and usage concerns. It is a very useful tool in creating a non-popularized, well polished paper. In the midst of e-mails, texts and tweets, the general public use up a lot of time keeping up a correspondence by means of the written rod. A lot more time is exhausted by writing in professional and personal lives than was in all probability imagined back in the time of high school.

What should be understood is that these written interactions can add to or get in the way of a career; all depending on the manner it is treated. Good writing skills are required in a lot of different aspect of life, from the time one start middle school to finding a job. One will have need of writing proficiency to pass the GEED, apply for a position, getting the occupation, and keeping that employment. Having good writing skills is not an opportunity, it is very important if one need is to partake in the conventional society.

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