Carter Cleaning Centers: Continuing Case Sample

I. Make a list of five specific HR jobs you think Carter Cleaning Centers will hold to cope with. 1 ) Carter Cleaning Centers will hold to cope with communicating issues between the assorted centres and will necessitate to set up some type of communicating criterion by which all the centres receive the same information. and are presenting indistinguishable information to all of its clients at all its different locations ( info such as pricing. services. etc. ) . This could be accomplish through regular meetings. memos. or even an intranet for the company. 2 ) . Carter Cleaning Centers will hold to cope with work criterions throughout its assorted locations. to see all its staff is treated reasonably. and that no 1 is working more at one shop or being paid less while in the same place. And besides the centres will hold to turn to preparation criterions for the different degrees of labour at each centre. 3 ) . Carter Cleaning Centers will hold to cope with just engaging patterns to avoid being accused of favoritism.

It can non put on the line engaging merely one group of people. such as all males and garbage females employment as this will decidedly stop up in someone’s courtroom. 4 ) . Carter Cleaning Centers will hold to cope with following the lawfully established wage lower limit for every one of its employees. If the centres are unfastened 24/7. so the workers will hold to be placed on a work rotary motion and compensated reasonably. There are besides interruptions and tiffin times to set up for every full clip worker. 5 ) . Carter Cleaning Centers will hold to cope with workplace safety criterions set by the authorities to see no 1. including the clients are harmed in any manner by the operating equipment. wet floors. etc. at each of the centres. particularly when hurt is caused due to pretermit or misapply of machinery. edifice upkeep or for any misdemeanor of the OSHA’s safety criterions.

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II. What would you make foremost is you were Jennifer?If I were Jennifer. I would foremost get down with set uping the communicating criterion by naming a meeting at a cardinal location to present myself and to run into the crew. I would besides take advantage of this clip to listen to how the crew operates now. and to what types of issues they may be sing out in the field. I would besides inquire the employees for what types of ailments they may hold overheard from the clients. and take suggestions on how things might be improved for the clients and the staff every bit good.


Dessler. Gary. Human Resource Management. 13/e for Herzing University. Pearson Learning Solutions. 10/2012. .

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