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PersonalExperience: My Dream of Become a Police Officer

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Most of my childhood memories consisted of dreaming to become a police officer. The idea of keeping a community safe from criminals, shows that you want to be a hero to your community. This heroic quality, however, is not easy as it takes great precautions and procedures that must be followed in order to serve the public. Being a part of the Law Enforcement is a complex process, which consists of applying to an agency, police academy, and job positions.

Applying to be a police officer requires an educational background, as applicants go through numerous tests in order to qualify.

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PersonalExperience: My Dream of Become a Police Officer
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Many of the exams test various skills which include reading comprehension, memory, judgment, and writing skills (www.discoverpolicing.org 1). The minimum requirements to be a police officer is a high school diploma or associates degree, and a bachelor’s degree for federal police jobs. In college, many police officers major in criminal justice to learn about the law and justice system.

In addition, students are encouraged to learn a foreign language as police officers serve a diverse community (www.collegequest.com 1). In Los Angeles, there are various ethnicities including the White, African American and Latino communities. Having the capabilities of bilingual helps because many communities are diverse and the residents may not speak English. A good way to become a cop is by getting a degree in criminal justice. Some police agencies like to have officers who have a degree in almost anything. Before being accepted into police academy you have to undergo a “psychology examination” (www.discoverpolicing.org 1). Meza 2The exam is to make sure that the new recruits are trustworthy and mentally stable or sane. These exams are also taken to prevent a.

. .otorcycle patrol units are very similar but bicycles can maneuver in more place and that big or heavy to be carried in a street chase (www.education-portal.com 1).

The criminal intelligence unit holds all information of filed criminals or felons. They help get information for international criminals and national criminals. Missing persons unit is a database that has all the information on missing people right before they disappeared. Most missing persons are gone for a period of 1 to 3 days. They go missing because they have personal problems which they can’t handle. If you decide to go missing and the police go looking for you it isn’t a crime because you just needed to get away from you’re your problems (www.dci.sd.gov/Operations/IntelligenceUnit.aspx 1). Police car patrols can be one (Adam Unit) or two officers riding together (Lincoln Unit).

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