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Determine The Factors That Influence The Motivation Of A Police Officer

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    Motivation is abstract since the concept involves several characteristics and perceptions of the employee and the current situation, the purpose of the study is to determine the factors influencing police employee’s motivation and how it impacts on police employees’ performance. Different authors were interested to briefly talk about studies of motivation attempted within their subject matter. Many contemporary authors have attempted to define the concept of motivation: The term motivation is derived from the Latin word ‘movere’ which means to move. Motivation is concerned with factors that influence people to behave in certain ways; an inner force that implies human beings to behave in a variety of ways; something which impels a person to act, a reason for behavior. For this research, motivation is operationally defined because the inner force that drives individuals to accomplish personal and organizational goals.

    Policing is considered the most valuable profession in ensuring sustainable peace and security. It is hence motivating police officers to stand firm in marinating social order often come at the forefront. Development of any country depends on its national policies including improved living condition of the police, since police officer play significant role in nation building. The role of a police officer cannot be ignored in the process of development and success in a certain country. Policing is a profession received little attention, despite their role in enforcing the law, marinating order, providing social service and combating crime in the society is high. A police officer can have a more profound influence than others in the population and give a glorious position and dignified status to the nation. The work performance of the police is enhanced by recognizing the professionalism of the policeman and widening opportunities for work satisfaction.

    Policing is a profession that has low emphasis, though police have a great role in their communities’ intellectual, personal and social development, thereby influencing the whole nation’s development. Police officers can have a more profound influence on others in the population and give a glorious position and dignified status to the nation. Therefore, The importance of security to mankind can’t be over- emphasized because the socio-economic structure of any given society depends on the safety system that’s available and accessible in such a society. As such, citizenry and societies, since the start of your time , have developed ways to safeguard themselves and their properties against any threat. variety of those measures predate the institutionalization of the general public police and other uniformed but state-owned institutions.

    While the state remains dominant within the security sector within the present age, it’s not the sole significant actor because the notion that folks have a right to guard themselves against any threat has existed since time out of mind As cited in. The performance of regular police officers is highly influenced by the changes in motivation; hence the government and other stakeholders should motivate police officers to improve performance service delivery (Susan, 2012). Police ought to invest in employee wellbeing at work, training and development of the staff, invest in strong strategic rewards management and staff at the police should be involved in decisions and problem-solving to reinforce healthy workforce, increase staff productivity, achieve extra effort of policeman and make communication across the entire levels of the police effective and faster problem-solving.

    Herzberg, (2003) if Employees committed to their organization are acknowledging as better performers the police have been the major organization charged with the responsibility of maintenance and preservation of public peace and security. Effective police is for that reason necessary in every society for the maintenance of peace and order, as an effective police force will make sure that members of the community are safeguarded in their persons and properties in order that their energies aren’t exhausted by the business of self-protection. Generally, the motivation of police employees’ should be the most important determinant of peace and order. Though, the performance of regular police officers is highly influenced by the changes in motivation; hence the government and other stakeholders should motivate police officers to improve performance service delivery.

    Dornyei and Otto (1998) as cited in Ashenafi, 2018 defines motivation because the dynamically changing cumulative arousal during a person who initiates, directs, coordinates, amplifies, terminates, and evaluates the cognitive and motor processes whereby initial wishes and desires are selected, prioritized, operational led and (successfully or unsuccessfully) acted out. According to this definition, motivation is dynamic and can change a person’s level of interest and involvement in a task. Likewise, Goldstein (1997) mentions that, if the police perform their role effectively, society benefits immeasurable and government scores high; if the police perform their duties poorly, the damage to police confidence and democratic principles can be irreparable.

    There is currently a dearth of information on factors that currently motivate or demotivate police in their workplace. Some researchers have researched specific elements that motivate officers in performing their duties. These elements include: enjoy the work, enjoy using skills, a sense of accomplishment, a chance to be creative, training, financial reasons, the work itself, work ethics, promotion better physical conditions. Therefore, this study attempts to probe the factors that are impeding the police officers to excel their performance in due of marinating pubic order and enforcing the law. Motivational factors necessary in police performance received due attention in the study, not otherwise, but to identify the factors debilitating the motivation of police officers and set forth a way forward to upraise the officers in the police practice.

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