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Persuasive Against Lower Drinking Age

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Alcohol causes more than 4% of deaths worldwide. There are more deaths caused by alcohol then all of the other illegal drugs and substances combined. Alcohol can cause irreversible damage to the brain, reproductive system, and other vital parts of the human body. Your brain continues to develop well into your twenties. Alcohol can have damaging effect on the brain especially while the brain is still developing. Alcohol can shrink the hippopotamus, the area of the brain that controls learning and memory.

This can lead to both permanent and short term memory loss and a drop in grades.

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Persuasive Against Lower Drinking Age
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Teens who abuse alcohol can evolve smaller frontal lobes. This part of the brain oversees emotions, personality, motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, and more. Heavy alcohol us in men reduces testosterone levels causing breast enlargement, infertility and other side effects. Heavy alcohol use in women can cause menstrual irregularities and even infertility. When teens use alcohol and are still is school they withdraw both academically and socially causing there grades drop and a decline in social interactions.

More than Half the people who begin drinking before the age of 15 will eventually become alcoholics.

Most teens are still in high school or are starting college when they turn 18. And therefore are still in school. Fifthly were legally allowed to consume alcohol it could interfere with there learning. Parents pay thousands of dollars a year for their kids to go to college. For what? Them to flunk out because they were out partying and didn’t study for their exam or they were too hung over to go to class? At the age of 21 most college students are in there last year of college or have graduated they are most likely more equipped to handle the temptation of getting a little wild then a freshmen in allege or senior in high school would.

There are so many alcohol related deaths and accidents as there are. Emergency rooms get over 500 underage drinking-related emergencies every day. Yes this doesn’t happen to everyone that drinks. Alcohol is in small doses every once in a while no big deal but it is still dangerous and like any drugs there are serious risk and consequences so yeah when you turn 18 you are officially an adult but, you’re risking thousands of more young lives by lowering the drinking age. You can visit photoluminescence. Com where is got my information, to read more about alcohol and other drugs.

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Persuasive Against Lower Drinking Age. (2018, Apr 19). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/persuasive-essay-against-lower-drinking-age/

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