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The author advocates for green burials as an alternative burial option that has a positive impact on the environment. Green burials involve disposing of the deceased with minimal carbon impact to the natural environment by avoiding non-biodegradable or toxic materials. The author argues that green burials are beneficial for the environment as they conserve natural resources, produce no or low carbon emissions, protect grave diggers’ health, and restore and preserve natural habitats. The author highlights the negative impact of embalming, as it involves the use of formaldehyde that poses a threat to funeral directors and funeral homes. The author encourages people to consider green burials as a way to decrease their carbon footprint and return to the soil from which they came.

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As n experienced individual, have taken the time to research many ecological ideas. Today I hope to persuade individuals to select green burials as an alternative burial option. A green burial or natural burial is the proper disposal of the deceased with as little carbon impact as possible to the natural environment. Green burials help consent. ‘e natural resources, produces little to no carbon emissions, aids in protecting the health of grave diggers, and restores and preserves the natural habitat.

For the end-of-life ritual to be considered to be a “green burial,” there can be no usage of non- biodegradable or toxic materials. People who select to engage in green burials are laid to rest in materials such as: shrouds or biodegradable caskets and urns. Why would a person select to be buried in such a manner, you ask? A green burial offers many positive affect upon the environment when compared to traditional burial methods. Would like to begin by saying that I do not consider any end-of-life method to be considered “wrong. I only wish to advocate an alternative option to decrease to carbon footprint of our last act in the world. The act of embalming a loved on often includes the usage a chemical called formaldehyde. Formaldehyde poses a major threat to funeral erectors and their funeral homes. In accordance to the National Cancer Institution, ‘funeral directors have a much higher incidence of myeloid leukemia. ” Although embalming fluid does preserve the physical characteristic of a loved one, but after months in the grave the embalming fluid drastically decrease the decomposition rate of the body.

Again I don’t wish to discredit any other form of burial. Green burials offer many positive aspects that aid the earth. Why should someone choose to have a green burial? Earth has always intend to humans to return to the soil from which they came. In nature, nothing is wasted. Everything is recycled by billion upon trillions of tiny microorganisms that break down all waste matter. Natural burials also aid in the growth of native trees, wildflowers, and shrubs.

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