Persuasive Speech Outline - Part 2 - Emotion Essay Example

Persuasive Speech Outline Amur Saif AlAamri 93070 Topic: Housemaids should not be hired - Persuasive Speech Outline introduction. 1- An opener on areas of agreement: I can admit that we all live under or encounter pressure in our daily life. This pressure can be triggered through studying, working, or having a bunch of home chores. In fact, I don’t doubt that we all would ask for help to manage or overcome such stress. Some people would seek a help from their siblings and some other people would ask for help from their close relatives.

But what about those who would search for help from foreigners to take care of their house works? As they pretend..! Do these foreigners have special qualifications on this profession? Are they trustworthy? Do you all guarantee 100% that your house and family would be safe? Transition: That’s why ladies and gentlemen; I am standing here in front of you this afternoon arguing that we should not hire maids in our houses. And now, I am going to point out the points I am going to discuss through my speech. 2- Outline: First argument: Child-maid relationship. * Second argument: Home environment safety. * Third argument: Child abuse. Transition: I’ll start my speech by talking about the first argument which is Child-maid relationship. 3- First argument: Child-maid relationship Ladies and gentlemen, no doubt that you are now aware of one of the negative effects on children of having a maid inside your house. Being away from your home and leaving your child or younger siblings in the hands of this maid would certainly affect them emotionally.


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As a consequence, the inevitable would happen as the children would prefer the maid to their parents. Hence, please, do bear in mind your children’s and younger siblings’ emotions and feelings. Transition: after introducing you to the relationship that the child ends up with the maid, I’ll move to my second argument which is home environment safety. 4- Second argument: Home Environment Safety. * House robberies It’s clear now, ladies and gentlemen, that having a housemaid means that your house would be subjected to robberies and burglars. Would you just simply say, “Let it be. Or “never would happen something like this in our country because it is safe and peaceful”? Guys, the world has changed and there’s very big possibility that such thing will occur in our country. Therefore, we all should stand in front of this issue and be against it. Transition: Having clarified the consequences led to your home environment safety by having a housemaid, let me now tell you the consequences led to children by maids abusing them. 5- Third argument: Child abuse * Physical abuse * Mental abuse Transition: 6- Summary: 7- Memorable ending remark:

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