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The speaker’s goal is to persuade the audience that computer mediated communication (CM) is just as useful as face-to-face communication, and may even be better in some ways. The speech will cover three main points: how CM can help build strong interpersonal relationships, how it will positively affect the workplace, and how it can improve relationships in large-scale organizations. The first point is discussed in detail, with the speaker addressing common criticisms of email and explaining how technology is improving expressiveness and interaction. Overall, the speaker argues that while face-to-face communication may always be important, we should recognize the value of CM in our increasingly technology-driven world.

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A. Attention-Getter: Do you remember the time when communication meant using a phone or writing letters? When we had to physically write checks and go to humans to get cash? Or when the only way to do research was going to the library? B. Link-to Audience: Nowadays, email, ATM machines, and the Internet have become indispensable in our daily lives and we can’t imagine living without them.

C. Speaker Credibility: I have personal experience using these technologies and have researched the pros and cons of Commuter Mediated Communication. D. Thesis Sentence: My goal today is to persuade you that computer mediated communication is equally beneficial as face-to-face communication, and in some aspects, it may even be superior. E. Preview of Speech: Firstly, I will discuss how computer mediated communication (CM) can contribute to the development of strong interpersonal connections.

Next, I will discuss how CM will have a positive impact on the workplace. Additionally, I will address how CM can improve interpersonal relationships in large-scale organizations. Let’s start by exploring how common forms of CM can facilitate the development of strong interpersonal connections.

II. Main Point #1

A. Strong interpersonal relationships: Some individuals argue that email is not effective for interpersonal communication due to the absence of nonverbal cues, delayed feedback, and potential loss of individuality while typing. However, we are discovering ways to enhance expressiveness through:

1. Punctuation

2. Writing non-verbal expressions

Furthermore, compared to phone or face-to-face communication, computer-based interactions offer unlimited opportunities for engagement, as humans have an innate need to communicate. Despite potentially longer timelines with computer-based communication, we can still gain knowledge about others.

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