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Persuasive Speech Outline: Slow Earth Killing

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Too many people do not recycle and it is slowly killing this Earth. When you are at your house or apartment or dorm do you take your trash and just throw it to dust bin when finished? Well that is essentially what we are doing when we chose not to recycle. C. Preview/Thesis – Today I’ll bring to the forefront the problem we face with trash buildup on our Earth, how recycling helps and what it does, and what we can do to help.

Body: ii. Need (Problem) We face a large problem with trash build up on our Earth. A. Pollution (air, water, land) Anything that isn’t recycled could go into landfills or be dumped into the ocean.

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Persuasive Speech Outline: Slow Earth Killing
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Landfills can pollute water and leak methane gas into the atmosphere. B. We will run out: owe will run out of natural resources. If you don’t recycle paper, more trees will be cut down, reducing the world’s oxygen and increasing the carbon dioxide.

If you don’t recycle aluminum cans, lots of the world’s energy will be used to make aluminum from scratch. Kisses for glass, this is easier to re-use than manufacture. C] We are also going to run out space to hide all our trash If we don’t recycle the things hat can be recycled, we’ll run out of landfill space.

C. We are going to destroy more habitats that in turn can affect wildlife. Problems that occur from not recycling are trash bags are dumped into the water and are mistaken by sea turtles for jellyfish and end up killing them. D. Global warming. Global warming is caused by several things. One of these is the release of carbon dioxide into the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by using energy generated from burning fossil fuels. Transition: Now that have discussed problem occur when we not recycling and, let’s go on to the solution we can do.

It is recycling iii. Satisfaction (Solution) You should know what types of materials can be recycled and how can do recycling for practice to save the Earth. A. Help our environment with OR concept Reduce, reuse and recycle B . How we can recycling. C] use recycling bin. Malaysia has provided three types of recycling bin. First is blue color used for paper. Second is brown color used for glass. Third is orange color used for aluminum and plastic. CLC Send waste item to collection centers. 0 http://www’. Completely. Com. My/ (website to recycle computer item)

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