Persuasive Speech Outline: Slow Earth Killing

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The article discusses the problem of trash buildup on Earth, the negative consequences of not recycling, and the solutions that can be implemented to help. Without recycling, pollution can occur and natural resources will run out. Additionally, habitats can be destroyed and global warming can be worsened. To combat these issues, people can reduce, reuse, and recycle. Malaysia provides three types of recycling bins for paper, glass, and aluminum/plastic, and waste items can be sent to collection centers. It is important to practice recycling to help save the Earth.

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The failure to participate in recycling by many individuals poses a looming and gradual danger to our planet. Disregarding recycling is similar to thoughtlessly disposing of waste into a garbage bin. The main purpose of this essay is to emphasize the problem of excessive trash accumulation on Earth, discuss the advantages and functions of recycling, and propose possible measures to address this issue.

ii. Need (Problem)

We face a massive challenge with the buildup of trash on our planet. Pollution, including air, water, and land pollution, is a significant aspect of this dilemma. Anything that remains unrecycled has the potential to end up in landfills or be dumped into the ocean.

The contamination of water and emission of methane gas are potential risks associated with landfills. Additionally, the non-recycling of paper contributes to deforestation, which lowers oxygen levels and increases carbon dioxide emissions. Likewise, neglecting to recycle aluminum cans results in high energy consumption for producing new aluminum. In contrast, reusing glass is more practical than starting from raw materials. Moreover, without recycling recyclable items, we will eventually deplete available landfill space for waste disposal.

C. The destruction of habitats caused by not recycling has a negative impact on wildlife. One specific consequence is the mistaken consumption of trash bags as jellyfish by sea turtles, leading to their death. D. Global warming is another significant issue resulting from factors such as carbon dioxide release into the atmosphere through burning fossil fuels. Transition: Having addressed the problems associated with neglecting recycling, we can now shift focus to the potential solutions we can adopt.

Recycling is of utmost importance in preserving the Earth and can bring a sense of satisfaction. To participate in recycling, it is crucial to have knowledge about recyclable materials and the proper methods to follow. By adhering to the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle, we can contribute to environmental protection. In Malaysia, there are various ways available for recycling, such as utilizing designated recycling bins. Paper should be placed in the blue bin, glass in the brown bin, and aluminum and plastic in the orange bin. Waste items should be taken to collection centers or you can visit (a website dedicated specifically to recycling computer items).

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