Philosophy of Daft Punk (A Brief Dissertation)

We were having a discussion about the philosophy or “message” of Daft Punk’s body of work in the chat a few days ago, and this post a follow-up to that discussion - Philosophy of Daft Punk (A Brief Dissertation) introduction. I think there is a philosophy to just about everything and surely you can’t deny the obvious social commentary in the Prime Time Of Your Life video. I don’t mean to speculate about whether this philosophy is conscious and their goal is to proselytize us to it or whether it’s unconscious or a priori assumed and their art is just expressing things we already know.

Either way, I think we can identify what it is even though I don’t necessarily agree with everything in their philosophy. So let’s raise the intellectual bar here and examine just what these two very odd Frenchmen in robot costumes are telling us about Life, the Universe and Everything. I have been gathering this information not only from the body of work itself but also from various statements and positions attributed to Daft Punk in interviews (particularly the Japanese interview in which they said they wanted to have an influence beyond a musical influence) even though they never discuss any of this directly.

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However, I have placed the greatest emphasis on everything since the “accident” and on the work itself to speak for itself over and above any interviews or reviews by other third parties. I have also allowed later work to influence my interpretation of earlier work, so I may perhaps see patterns where none were intended. Oh well, I’m doing it anyway.

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