Philosophy on Physical Activity Essay

I think that being active is an essential part of life that should be developed early - Philosophy on Physical Activity Essay introduction. As Americans we are known for being the fattest nation in the world. This is quite heart breaking. But if we help the children now, they can take the knowledge that us learned with them for the rest of their lives and hopefully pass it on to the next generation. In physical education the student should be the most important aspect. Physical education should be a student centered course that allows for students to experience a substantial amount of learning and realize as well as experience the benefits of a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

This should be designed for ALL students. It needs to educate, encourage and help students to improve their physical fitness. It should be an inclusive course were all participants are welcome, encouraged and feel safe. It needs to be adaptive so that all skill levels and learning capacities are accommodated. A place where students are taught about transfer and interdisciplinary learning occurs. Physical education should promote goal-setting, teamwork, respect, and responsibility.

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Students should be provided with motivation to accomplish these goals, work well with their peers, respect themselves, and take on responsibility. They should gain valuable personal and social skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Physical education also needs to educate students on the basic movement patterns to help them build a solid base which allows for safe participation in lifelong physical activity. It needs to be taught by an active, engaging, and caring physical educator who promotes lifelong learning to all students.

The teacher should act as a facilitator and help students in achieving objectives and goals. The teacher needs to deliver the curriculum through effective teaching strategies and effectively evaluate. Lastly, it is essential that physical education is fun, exciting, and challenging! My mission in life is to motivate. Motivate on everything, eating right, exercising, and life. I want people to go to work happy, I want people to live every day to the fullest. I want children to be taught the benefits of being fit. That is my personal philosophy, what’s yours?

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