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Photo assignment middle school

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As well as basic rights, life, health and education, they have a wider range including : Right to play Right to express view Right to participate in making decision that directly effect them. Although these needs may very but they all have the same right. All main school have their own legislation and code of practice to relevant to promotion of Equality, Diversity and inclusion. Equality Act 2010 Legally protects from discrimination on the grounds of their age, disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

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Photo assignment middle school
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Ensure every child has the legal eight to learn and take part in activities – equality of access. Replace previous anti-discrimination laws(sex discrimination act 1975, Race Relation Act 1976, Disability Discrimination Act 1995) which makes the law easier to understand and strengthens people’s legal protection. Children act 1989/2004 Sets out the duty to provide effective and accessible for all children and underpin the Five ‘Every Child Matters’ outcomes. Ensure children are consulted and kept informed on decision affecting them.

Aims to improve children’s lives and revised the legal underpinning on which Every Child Matters is based.

UN Convection on the rights of the children 1989 Acknowledges that children have the right to express their opinions, have those opinions heard and act upon when appropriate. Deals with specific need and right of the child : Right of the life ,health, education, play and consultation. Requires that children are protected from all forms of discrimination. Every child has right to free education and must develop a child’s personality, talent and ability to the full. Every Child Matters/Help children achieve more

Government initiative in 2003 identified 5 main aims – Stay safe, Be Healthy, Enjoy and achieves, Make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being. All organization working together to protect the child from harm. Identified the need for services to work closely to protect and support the needs and rights of children. SEEN and Disability act 2001 Gives guidance to educate children with special needs in mainstream school. Makes it unlawful for educational providers to discriminate against pupils with a special education needs or a disability. Strengthens parent’s right to get child diagnosed.

Schools, collages and university must make reasonable adjustment to ensure people with disability can attend and have the same facilities as if they were not disabled. SEEN Code of practice 2002 Designed to help LEA’s and school setting to make effective decisions and support schools to meet their duties to children with special education needs. Children Act 1989/2004 Protect and enforces children’s rights( whereas every child matters emphasis their needs. Intended to strengthen children’s legal position: ensuring their right, linings and wishes are considered equal to those of adults.

Ensure children are consulted and kept informed on decisions affecting them. It is very important for all children to have equal access to the curriculum and all aspect to school life. Now how these meet in this school….? For that all school must ensure the legislation met by providing equal, diverse and inclusive access. The principal of equality, diversity and inclusion is that importance and benefits of valuing promoting cultural in work with children and young people by building their self-esteem, giving equal learning opportunities.

Help promote an understanding of other cultures, help to avoid stereotyping, respect for others opinion, beliefs and culture. How can met this in school? All maintain school have a similar approach to meeting the need of pupils and have their own Aims and Values to full the National Curriculum requirements and provide continuity and progression through the school. Like.. * Support provided to assist with learning difficulties. * Suitable alternatives for religious needs. * Differentiated work to meet all levels of ability. * include child in whole class activities.

Assist to create independence. * Books – Different backgrounds/single parent/grandparents * Include activities such as Chinese New Year, Indian Dance day etc.. Sparrows school ensure that legislation/ guidance are meet having school rules and policies in place. Setting up Mission and Vision to brighten up children’s future and Equal Right. We have school councils which is made of children. They held regular meeting and decide about school rules and Children in Need. School provide a range of school clubs which are either run at lunch Time or after school.

The clubs include Art and Craft, Musical Instruments, Singing, Dance and Sport, Computer, Cookery and Gardening. Children with Special Education Needs will have individual educational plan developed for them which is designed for their particular needs. This needs will be discussed and reviewed regularly with parents/careers and targets set as part of the plan. All members of the school community are treated with equal regard and we aim to offer equal opportunities in learning, physical ability, age, gender, ethnic group or religious belief we do not tolerate any discrimination.

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