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The work environment would be unfit due to lack of adequate work space. Also increases the risk of people getting violent and aggravated due to the over crowding. This can cause tripping, and increases chances of further injuries. Make sure that the lose wiring is not in the way of people and that it is out of sight as much as possible to prevent tripping. Ensure floors are dry and if not inform people of wet floor using the wet floor signs. Place a limit to the amount of people allowed in small areas at a time.

Also notify people what side to walk on to avoid unnecessary collisions and crowding of people. Make sure the carpets do not cause tripping, therefore make sure if the floor is never that it is repaired as soon as possible. If handles are broken, during the Ensure that all door handles event of an emergency there can be a are up to satisfactory potential risk of people being trapped standards to prevent any in the room or not being able to get unnecessary incidents. In/out of the dangerous area.

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Potential risk of getting shocked, wire Ensure that the wires are can cause heart failure if someone hidden away in electrical with a weak heart were to accidentally boxes. And if they are touch the exposed/ broken wire by exposed they are fitted with accident. The proper casing/ repair aging so no exposed wires make contact with others. 1. Add 3 more rows to this table 2. Answer the following questions in your assignment Evacuation procedures – a. Where is the evaluation assembly area? . How do you get to it? C. Why do you think this assembly area was chosen? D. What factors might change your emergency evacuation route and assembly area The evaluation assembly area is the Astronaut behind the school: As shown in the image below This assembly area was chosen as it is the largest and safest area in the event that a fire or dangerous event occurred, also the Astor-turf is connected to the lied which leads to the main road, all enabling everyone in the school to fit.

Although there are factors that may change the specifies emergency exit rout to the assembly area, these factors include, rubble falling during a fire, the fire doors are blocked off or the handles are no longer safe to touch, the rout to the exit nearest is no longer accessible due to hazards blocking your way i. E. Fire, water (flood), electrical wires in the way etc. Audit Point (WAC Audit) Findings Number of students/employees 832 Number of Male students/Employees 450 Number of Female 382 Is their adequate number of No u to new legislation the school does not have to supply WAC facilities more than they currently have.

For the quantity of pupils 2 toilet blocks is not sufficient as they are opened only at designated times which then cause overcrowding in these areas. Are there enough Urinals Are there any disabled Yes students/employees Do disabled toilets have: Easy access Hand rails Emergency cords Accessible washing, soap and paper/dryer facilities. Are Was in the same room as washing facilities Can urinals be seen from the entrance doorway to male toilet facilities Are the toilets clean Are the toilets well lit and ventilated

Audit Point (food preparation area) What temperature do youths hot food needs to be displayed at 64 degrees, if the service is longer than 1 need to keep the food at? Hour the food then has to be refreshed to the same temperature. In addition Why? To this, the fridges that store raw meat and cooked meet needs t be kept at 3-5 degrees to ensure the food stays fresh. How do you control vermin The pest control is carried out every six weeks by an independent, trained and other pests? Contractor. They lay bait boxes which attracts any potential pests, this will alert the pest controller and cause them to take further action.

What precautions do you When preparing the food we have a color coded chopping board system that take when preparing food? Allows them to identify what product they use on what chopping boards. Also, to prevent any objects being found in the food, no jewelry is permitted in the kitchen and all cuts need to be treated with blue plasters. What forms of waste there is a waste disposal unit in the main wash room, this crushes any waste disposal are used? And flushes it into the main drains outside. Where do you store your The knives are stored in safe areas within the kitchen. There is one draw that knives? Ores most of the knives. However, many of them are kept in individual work stations of which staff are responsible for. How often do you clean the The kitchen is cleaned everyday and everyone cleans specific areas to ensure kitchen? Maximum cleanliness. In addition to this cleaning, a deep clean occurs every year. This is to stay in line with hygiene laws of which are enforced by inspectors who can turn up at any time. Where do you prepare there are different areas within the canteen where food is prepared. There is a food? Sandwich preparation room, and the main kitchen where all food is prepared.

What preventative actionist s kitchen has blankets on all of the walls as spraying liquid onto appliances taken to minimize the foreseer as fryers may induce explosions. Also, fire extinguishers are kept in the risk? Main kitchen and in the storage rooms. How many fire exits are Clear signs are used to indicate where the evacuation doors are. There are 2, to there within the canteen? The back of the kitchen and 3 in the main dining area. 1 . Present a table showing what action the school takes in the following areas: Audit point site building works All workers on site are required by law to submit a risk assessment and a method statement.

All staff are CROP checked as they will be working in the facilities for children. Most work will take place while students are not on the premises (overnight, Holidays) organic infestation There has been a history of infestation of both mice and rats at the school; this was vermin infestation, caused by the demolition of buildings next to the school. Enfield pest control visits the school every 6 weeks and lay traps for both mice and rats. If there is an infestation they will leave extra traps which are out of sight of the students. There is the option during the holidays for a stronger poison to be used to prevent an infestation. Amasses and mould There is little damp or mould at the school. When there has it was caused by a leaky roof which was fixed. Hazardous materials There has been a history (and in some areas there still is Asbestos, this is contained behind plaster board until a time when it can be safely removed. It is checked weekly by the premises team. Hygiene facilities There are insufficient facilities (see below) this has come about due to new legislation. Pest control If there are any pests (ants, cockroaches etc. ) they are reported to Enfield pest control who will attend to rid the school of the problem

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