Middle School Students Should be Drug Tested for Sports and Extracurricular Activities

There have many debates on should middle schools require drug testing for students in sports and other extracurricular activities. I think we should drug test middle schools students in extracurricular activities. Doing this would help stop and prevent the drug spread for present and future generations.

One obvious reason on why we should require student drug testing is because it will help stop the drug epidemic from spreading. I know what you’re thinking what could targeting twelve to fourteen year olds help stop the fast growing epidemic of drugs. I’ll tell you exactly how it will help stop the spread. In a study it showed that those who smoke marijuana before the age fifteen are more likely to smoke cigarettes, more than twice as likely to do prescription drugs, are two and a half times as likely to abuse other illicit drugs. If that wasn’t enough proof here’s more proof on some other drugs. Thirty one percent of students who took steroids under fifteen said they would take them again and in another study done it showed that students who drink alcohol will be more likely to become heavy drinkers as adults. Based on these statistics it is very obvious that drug testing can help the stop the spreading epidemic that is drug addiction.

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Another reason to keep the students safe. Drug testing the students will help keep the students safe in a number of ways. One reason that drug testing will keep the students safe is by helping their physical well being. I bet I can guess what you can say to something like that. I bet you’re thinking that obviously drugs are bad but there not that bad. Lets see what you have to say after I show you these statistics. Studies show that a early starting methadone addict has the life expectancy of forty years which is at least thirty eight years loss to the addiction. Another huge addiction statistic is that early starting heroin users have the life expectancy of thirty seven years which means they have loss over forty years of their life. Another way it will keep the students safe is that it would help with their drug addiction in a number of ways. One of those ways is that if a student tested positive in any of the drugs tested for that student can get special counseling to help with his or her drug addiction. A problem that you probably think would be serious is that the student would be judged by his or her peers because they get counseling for it. However I believe that that’s not the case. For example if a student gets counseling for their drug addiction and beat it could help them form stronger bonds with his or her peers or family. Not only freeing them from the mental and physical bindings of drug addiction but also helping them with their social life.

One final reason I’m going to give you is that it could help prepare them for the future. While this may seem relevant it is in fact very relevant. I say this because most colleges have a zero tolerance for drugs of any kind. On top of that fifty six percent of all jobs require drug testing in the U.S. Also the kids in extracurricular activities are more likely to pursue a job that requires drug testing. For example olympic athletes have to be drug tested and all athletes in college football and in the NFL have to be drug tested. And most students in college band have to be drug tested. It will also prepare them for the future by helping them stay on track in school so that they can have a good paying job. This is proof that drug testing will not only help them now but will also help them in the future.

As anyone can see it’s obvious that we should drug test students. We need to do this because it will help stop the drug epidemic from spreading, it will help keep students safe, and help prepare them for the future. If that’s not enough reason for you then you must not care for the future generation nor the drug epidemic.

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