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Pima Creation Story

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  • Pages 2
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    Pima Story
    There is an endless account of creation stories told by natives both orally, as well as visually. Each story sets its own distinctive details on how the world became what it is now, however every story also has the accumulative detail of good over evil, and the creation of humans as a whole. After reading the Pima Creation Story, it shows some characteristics of the biblical legends in a more humanistic way. Throughout this version, the creator encounters varies flaws with his creations of the world, which implies the thought that are all gods meant to be perfect or are they meant to be artistic. This legend, although stated that is not based on the biblical version, in my perspective embraces varies features of the myth in an imitational way. Gods are perceived as flawless, immaculate spirits. Reading this selection actually gives the reader a different mindset of how to view a god. The Pima God is not only the opposite of flawless; he illustrates a god with human-like emotions. It’s quite humorous comparing the Pima version and Christian version of the creation of the world together.

    On one hand, you have the Christian god whereas when he says let there be light the sun shun so brightly on the first attempt. Then you have the Pima god who has difficulties in just making stars shine bright enough. Although there are comical similarities between the two, the Pima story also has a few details that would make a reader refer back to the biblical version of creation. In the Pima story, in the beginning there was neither earth, nor water just Juhwertamahkai. That portion of the story resembles how in the Christian legend there was nothing, only god. As well as in all the creation stories, the same peculiar detail of rebellion lingers throughout each story, whether it is Satan and God, the good-mind and the bad-mind, or the doctor of earth and the buzzard. Despite the Pima god isn’t perfect, and fails in a lot of his creations, he symbolizes the trait of trying again and not giving up. He alters the stereotypical aspect of how a god should be portrayed. With his human-like qualities he is implying that nobody is perfect, even a god makes mistakes.

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    Pima Creation Story. (2016, Sep 28). Retrieved from

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    What is a creation story in history?
    A creation myth (or creation story) is a cultural, religious or traditional myth which describes the earliest beginnings of the present world. Creation myths are the most common form of myth, usually developing first in oral traditions, and are found throughout human culture.
    What is Pima story of creation?
    Pima Story of Creation – American Literature I: An Anthology of Texts From Early America Through the Civil War.
    What is the Iroquois creation story?
    According to the Iroquois, the first people came from Sky World. The pregnant woman fell through the sky and landed on turtle's back. Muskrat dove to the bottom of the ocean and found soil. She spread the seeds from Sky World in the soil and walked around them making the plants grow.
    When was the Pima creation story written?
    The first Pima mythological narrative to be recorded dates from a 1694 journal account written by the Spaniard Juan Manje; Pedro Font, another Spaniard, also recorded a Pima story in 1775. These stories concern the ancestors of the Pimas, the Hohokam (meaning, roughly, the "finished ones" or "those who are gone").

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