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Pokka Corporation: Analysis and Screening

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1. 0 Preliminary Analysis and Screening: Matching Company/Country Needs 1. 1 Company Characteristic Pokka Corporation is a large Multi-National Company, which operates in about 5 business segments. They are Food and Beverage products, which is one of its main business segments and offers products like coffee beverages, fruits and vegetable beverages, health foods and so on. (CreditRiskMonitor. com, 2008). Pokka’s key marketing skill is its innovation. The ever-changing consumer tastes and preferences, causes companies like Pokka to be innovative and very consumer conscious.

Pokka continuously produces new beverages to meet the needs of these consumers.

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Pokka Corporation: Analysis and Screening
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Furthermore, they have food technologist from Japan, who has joined their Research and Development team to help develop new and exciting products. According to their website, the R&D department has come up with 40 new varieties beverage products, which are now being sold in countries around the world. (Pokka. ListedCompany. com, 2008) Pokka philosophy is Delighting customers through a commitment to provide “BEST-IN-CLASS” products and services and Pokka vision is to be the “BEST-IN-CLASS” beverage contract manufacturer of choice.

From statement above we can know that Pokka want to become the best in the industry by providing the customers with good quality product and excellent services to customers so whenever customers think beverage product they will think of Pokka (Pokka Ace, 2008). In 2008 Pokka revenue increase 15. 4% from last year, also Pokka net profit increase 273. 3% from 2. 5 to 9. 4 million US dollar. This is the first time Pokka company gain double digit revenue growth rate in six years (Pokka Annual Report, 2008). Pokka board of director Name |Position | |Mr Akifumi Ito |Chairman | |Mr Tatsuo Yoshioka |Chief Executive Officer | |Mr Masahiro Hirata |Non-Executive Director | |Mr Masahiko Kusada |Non-Executive Director | |Mr Tom Yee Lat Shing |Independent Non-Executive Director | |Dr Tan Eng Liang |Independent Non-Executive Director | |Mr Keith Tay Ah Kee |Independent Non-Executive Director | (Pokka, 2008) 1. 2 Home-Country Constraints (Malaysia) 1. 2. 1 Economic Situation Malaysia includes in a middle income country group, Malaysia has transformed itself from a producer of raw material into an emerging multi sector economy (World Fact Book, 2008). In 2007 Malaysia economy was the 29th largest economy in the world based on GDP (purchasing power parity) 357. 4 billion US dollar.

Malaysia has been the world largest tin, rubber, and palm oil producer since 1943 (times magazine, 1943) also Malaysia is one of the world’s largest exporters of semiconductor devices, electrical goods, and information and communication technology (ICT) products (US Department of State, 2008). Malaysia has opened economy system that allows people around the world to enter Malaysia market and also allows Malaysia product to expand to foreign country. Since 1970 until now Malaysia government maintenance controversy NEP (New Economy Policy) that gives more opportunity for ethnic Malays in many sectors such as education, health and other that can cause unfair competition in market but NEP shows slightly show some improvement in the economy in Malaysia in general. 1. 2. 2 Cultural Overview

Malaysia is a multi ethnic, multi-cultural and multilingual country. There is several ethnics in Malaysia such as: Malay 50. 4%, Chinese 23. 7%, indigenous 11%, Indian 7. 1% and others 7. 8%. The official language is Bahasa, but in Malaysia therea are so many language that being used by different ethnic such as English, Chinese, Tamil, Telagu and others (World Fact Book, 2008). Malaysians have several numbers of holidays and festivities during a year. Some public holidays are set by federal and some are set by individual states. Other festivals are practical by particular ethnic religion groups, but are not public holidays. 1. 2. 3 Political situation

Malaysia is a federal constitutional elective monarchy, where the federal head of state is Yang di-Pertuan Agong or referred as the King of Malaysia and the head of government is the Prime Minister of Malaysia (constitutional Malaysia). The system of government in Malaysia is similar to Westminster parliamentary system, a legacy of British colonial rule. UMNO is major politic party in Malaysia, all the Malaysia prime minister from UMNO. Legislative power is divided to two between federal and state legislatures. Malaysia based law is common law. 1. 2. 4 Legal As we know, Malaysia is an Islamic country and also one of the harmony countries which has many difference races that live together in one country. Therefore, the legislation for food regulation is very strict in Malaysia.

The food regulation in Malaysia is mentioned about the food’s prices must be acceptable and accepted by the government and to be ensured that it safes to be consumed before produced in Malaysia According to Selamat, et al. , (2003), in Food safety management and administration at Malaysia, government laboratories for food quality control services consist of the Food Quality Control Laboratory under the Ministry of Health, Chemistry Department, Department of Veterinary Services and so on. These laboratories provide analytical support for food sampling actives and certification of food products for export. Lastly is Food Legislative, these regulation deals with such as food hygiene, labeling, imports and exports, advertising, and laboratories.

In additional, the food products must have “HALAL” label which is required for Moslem people to recognize on which foods products can be eaten by Moslem people. 1. 2. 5 Geographic Overview Malaysia is consisting of thirteen state and tree federal territories on Southeast Asia with a total landmass of 329,847 square kilometers. Malaysia’s population is over 27 million people. The capital city is Kuala Lumpur and the federal center in Putrajaya (World Fact Book, 2008). Other major cities are Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, George Town, Miri, Along Star, Malaka and Klang. In natural resource Malaysia is well recognizing in agriculture, forestry and minerals. 1. 3 Host-Country Constraints (United Kingdom) 1. 3. Economic Situation An assessment the economic environment in United Kingdom (UK) is to consider of its economic wealth which is determined by its Population, Infrastructure and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). UK become the fifth largest economy in the world, with gross domestic product (GDP) of US$2,345 billion (Source: World Bank, 2007) and it is forecasted to have the strongest business environment of all major European economies for the period 2007 to 2011 (Source: EIU, 2007) (UK Trade & Investment. 2008); which concludes that its economy is healthy and there is a probability for higher standard of living and more conscious on better lifestyle.

The population of the UK was 60,975,000 in mid-2007. This is an increase of 388,000 (0. 6 per cent) on mid-2006 and is equivalent to an average increase of approximately 1,000 people a day (National Statistics. 2008). Its rate of growth reflects the number of births and deaths during the period and the number of people moving to UK (see appendix. 1) For transportation infrastructure, UK is already the most crowded country in Europe. It is estimated that UK have to cope with 25% more traffic by 2010 (IBM Corporation. 2003). In response, to keep congestion controlled is to discourage vehicle ownership or reducing vehicles in traffic hot spot by taxing, charging and peak time rationing.

For railway sectors, according to UK Trade & Investment (2008), in 2007 there was more than 48 billion passenger kilometers recorded on UK railways, it is the 13th consecutive year of growth and the highest ever recorded in UK which is showing that network use is growing faster than anywhere else in Europe. By adapting the safety management, security and accessibility on stations and trains; make UK rail sector as reliable and sustainable transportation in UK infrastructure. 1. 3. 2 Level of Technology According to Nielsen Online. com (2008), the Internet Population of 24 years old above is slightly increasing and a significant increase for 3% and only happen slightly decreasing in the age group of 35-44 for 1% drop (see appendix. 2) which concludes that UK has become more technology savvy in utilizing internet to search information for news or product/service. Technology also gives impact to the retail logistic in UK.

The logistic system in UK adapts Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) for Fast Moving Consumer Goods to further up the supply chain and to accelerate the cross-docking operation to create efficiency on the logistic process and also advance on tracking technology which creates new opportunities to ease the movement in urban areas. (McKinnon. 1996) 1. 3. 3 Environment According to The UK’s Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is revising packaging regulations. Under the EU’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, countries must introduce systems for the return and collection of used packaging to attain a target whereby in the end of 2008 a minimum of 60% of packaging waste must be recovered or incinerated. Between 55% and 80% of packaging must be recycled (Roach, 2006).

This concern is to protect UK’s environment and give pressure to beverage and food industry to be more environmental friendly with improving their packaging which targets to greener solution. 1. 3. 4 Competitiveness The Country’s competitiveness can build a competitive advantage to stand out among other countries. In UK, the employment is also involving the local labor and migrants; however the migrants are the valuable asset for food and drink manufacturer in UK. Therefore the shortage of labor in UK can create risk on food sector; According to Byrne (2008), she claims that as economics condition in UK decline, the flow of the migrants to UK is anticipated to fall.

For UK, it is important to discuss the potential impact of the government’s immigration and skill policies on the future productivity of the UK’s largest manufacturing sector and retain their existence to work in UK. 1. 3. 5 Cultural Overview For British, drinking tea has become a culture and it is known as a ritual on daily, which are Afternoon tea and High Tea. The ‘Afternoon Tea’ is meant to abate the hunger between the meals. The afternoon tea was served along with a light meal between the hours 3:00-5:00 p. m. While ‘High Tea’ is an early dinner which includes tea in which take at 500-7:00 p. m. Another suggestion is that the expression “high tea” originated from the custom of having this meal on high tables, in comparison with the afternoon tea which was eaten on low tables. (Wissotzky, 2007) 2. Adapting the Marketing Mix to Target Markets 2. 1 Target Market |Group 1 |Group 2 | |Age: 25 – 45 |Age: 20-25 | |Gender: Male/Female |Gender: Male/Female | |Occupation: Working People |Occupation: College Student | |Social Status: Middle to High |Social Status : Low to High |

We are targeting for people who concern in British Culture and Healthy issue, we divide them into two groups. Group 1 is focused for the tea bag and loose tea package, for those people who still follow British culture for having afternoon tea and high tea. Group 2 is focused for the carton box package, because most in this age of group is preferred instant, without having to brew the tea first. We consider Group 1 as our primary target market because we focus on British Culture for having tea and their preference on ritual of brewing tea. Living longer doesn’t always means having more years with a good quality of life, as a result this become Healthy issue, our product will fulfill the need of healthier lifestyle to support their life. 2. 2 Product

Our chosen beverage product is Pokka Green Tea which not using preservative and coloring. Pokka Green Tea has depth product line in different flavors such as Pokka Green Tea Japanese, Pokka Green Tea Jasmine, Pokka Green Tea Honey Lemon and Pokka Green Tea Peach. Basically Green Tea is more beneficial to health whereby it can prevent certain cancers from the antioxidant activity is at last 100 more times more effective than vitamin C and 25 times more effective than vitamin E at protecting cells and DNA (GreenTeaBenefits. info, 2007). This beverage is well packaged in can and plastic bottle for the convenience as a Ready-to-drink Green Tea beverage and it is nice to be enjoyed with cold temperature.

To be internationally marketed, we intent to keep some aspects of the existing product, we will market all products in the depth of the product line such as Pokka Green Tea Japanese and Pokka Green Tea Jasmine to maintain the originality of the green tea as our standardization which is from Asia especially from Japan, as well as Pokka Green Tea Honey Lemon and Pokka Green Tea Peach to widen the choices of the Green Tea flavor for British. The reason why we maintain Pokka as the brand name is to maintain the credibility as Pokka is a well known brand for Green Tea beverage; it is to be easily recognized and accepted by the consumers globally. We will also maintain Pokka Trademark which is a red color ‘P’ with slogan of The People’s Choice that we believe that Pokka is also able to be British Choice for Green Tea Beverage. According to The Pokka Corporation Singapore Pte Ltd (2008), “Pokka” trademark is synonymous to “Quality” and all products are manufactured under the license and strictest quality control standard of Pokka Japan.

The Quality emphasis Pokka puts into each product capture the loyalty of consumers who appreciate the finer taste of a ready-to-drink beverage. ‘Without a doubt the tea bag saved the tea industry. There is no way in our busy lifestyles today that we would have had the time or inclination to make tea the old way. ‘ Gorman . W (2008), Executive Chairman of the UK Tea Council. The needs for adaptation will depend on the customers’ favor; including our decision to add the packaging for Pokka Green Tea in tea bag and loose tea package. From the statement above, we make decision of adding tea bag package because it is more convenient to be served in a mug or cup as in a pot and with a string attach on the bag could be removed easily when the tea s ready to be enjoyed. We develop our tea bag with quality when it is diffuse to boiling water, the tea bag won’t break an These can create more added values for our product to attract the consumers and make ‘convenience’ as our selling point without avoiding the original taste of the tea. While in loose tea package aims for consumers who still follow the British ritual for enjoying tea in a cup. They prefer enjoy brewing tea in a kettle then pour to a pot in order to get the smell and nice taste of the original aroma of the brewed tea. We also replace the can or plastic packaging into carton based packaging, this is due to the environmental regulation in UK.

It is an environmental benefit that transports of cartons produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared with traditional types of packaging such as glass or steel cans, whereby our distributors can move the same amount of product with fewer trucks, because carton can be flattened and can save space in a box which means less fuel used and fewer greenhouse gases emitted. The paper based packaging is biodegradable and also can be recycled into paper fibre that can be reused to other paper production. The recycle labels will be contained in our packaging to indicate that it is recyclable and will be accepted by cardboard recyclers. We ensure that our company is taking the responsibility of recycling the packaging waste. [pic] wasteonline. org. uk. , 2008. Resy Recycling Symbol. [Image] Due to the UK’s cold climate, we innovate new product depth which is called Pokka Green Tea Honey Ginger.

The combination of honey and ginger give a warm taste; it is good to cure respiratory problem such as cold, cough, runny nose and sore throat, while the honey flavor creates sweetness to make the ginger tastier. Due to the population of 2. 3 Million people has Diabetic in UK (NetDoctor. co. uk, 2008), the level of sweetness from the sugar or honey may be lowered to 50% to minimize the probability of uncontrolled of higher glucose level in blood that may develop diabetes. 2. 3 Distribution In UK, the distribution centres are usually owned by the supermarket chains. But meanwhile, due to the worst condition from the retailers in UK, according to Thomson Reuters UK(2008), reports that the retail spending is declining as a proportion of total spending, while the proportion of elderly people in the UK, who tend to spend less, is rising.

Then according to Downes (2005), reports that the only bright spot was the performance of its supermarket chain, Waitrose, which, following some store acquisitions from Morrisons, saw a 17 per cent improvement on last year. In this situation, we have to be careful in deciding which supermarket chains are appropriate, because it may also affect our sales. Taking the opportunity for several supermarkets that likely to survive, we distribute our product at Morrisons and Waitrose. We need export sales contract for the delivery of products in international trade to overcome the difficulties for delivery of product between the seller and the buyers.

We decide to transport the our goods to a seaport of UK and the responsibility of the goods delivery and the responsibility for paying duty and related taxes in UK will be on the buyers, other than that, we want to ensure that the goods are delivered and available to the buyer in UK. Therefore, the suitable Incoterm to use for this transaction is DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) (see appendix. 3). Delivered duty unpaid means that the seller delivers the goods to the buyer and to the named place of destination accordingly to the contract of sale. The seller has to bear the costs and risks involved from then on, other than any duty applicable, including responsibility for carrying out of customs formalities for the export of the goods and for any transit to any country.

But the buyer has to deal with any costs and risks, if there’s a failure to clear the goods for import in time. However, if the parties wish the seller to carry out customs formalities and bear the resulting costs and risks, as well as some of the costs payable upon import of the goods, this should be made clear in the contract of sale. 2. 4 Price We are aiming to penetrate the market since we are still new in the market; therefore we are using price penetrating to stimulate the growth of the increasing market share and also to compete directly to our competitor and discourage them. Even though we set our price higher than the original price, we still set our price lower than our competitor.

We are using adaptation pricing strategy because it allows setting a price that is considered to be appropriate for the local condition, it helps us to survive in the new market and remain competitive in the export market. Our decision is based on the currency exchange, competitor’s price and cost of shipping. Due to the currency exchange in Pound sterling, our price will be higher than the original price in which we can make profits. For example, the estimation for our Pokka price in Malaysia in around 2. 50RM which means worth for only ? 0. 44 (XE. com, 2008), which means if we compare Tetley Pure Green Tea, our main competitor in UK, the product costs for ? 3. 9 (ebay. co. uk, 2008). Therefore, it means that there is a far difference from both prices. To keep survive in the market we have to adapt the local price to cover the costs of doing business such as the additional middleman as there are longer distributional channel in international marketing. 2. 5 Promotion We are going to use television, magazine, outdoor advertisement and internet. We choose to advertise our product on television because television enables us to reach large numbers of audience on a national or regional level in a short period of time. Not only that, it also offers the ability to convey our message with sight, sound and motion.

Because of these major strengths of television, the relative cost of TV ads will be higher (expensive), in terms of creative, production and airtime costs. In addition, we believe that television is not a luxury product anymore and almost every household is having a television set nowadays. So we ensure that television is able to carry out our message across to our target audiences. Pokka second selected media to advertise is Magazine. One of the major strengths of magazine advertisement is the excellent picture reproduction quality and the paper is more superior compared to newsprint. This will cause our advertisement has relatively long life because magazines are often kept for months and it makes our message keeps selling.

In addition, magazines allow us to reach specific audiences because they have highly defined readership that allow us to focus on specific market. Pokka third selected media to advertise is internet, especially on web banner advertising, which will be implemented for one year forwards. Nowadays people can easily surf on the web because of the low prices offered in the market. It can be proved by data showed that the population of the internet users in the world has increased to 1,114,274,426 (Internet World Stats, 2007). That’s why advertising through internet has the capability to reach a global audience in the fast rate and it can be an extensive exposure as well.

Internet can be a media where we can present our advertising messages with pictures, animation, sound and text. 3. 0 Developing the Marketing Plan 3. 1 Situation Analysis Pokka Green Tea expands the market to UK because the UK market size is bigger than Malaysia and the growth rate in UK is higher than Malaysia. The customer’s need of tea in UK is higher because as we know UK is a drinking tea country, drinking tea is one of the important lifestyle of UK people; to fulfill the need, Pokka introduces the Pokka Green Tea as one alternative way of drinking tea. Pokka will come out with new packaging to fit UK regulation by using cartoon box that uses bio gradable material as packaging.

In UK Pokka will use adaptation price based to cover the production and delivery cost. The Pokka price will be lower than competitor to avoid direct competition from competitors. And for the advertisement we will come out with media that can cover large numbers of audience to build brand awareness and influence target market behavior toward our brand. 3. 2 Objective and goals Marketing objective • Return of investment by 5% in current product line in new international market by the end 2009. Marketing communication objective • To create 10%brand awareness toward target public by the end December of year 2008. • Influence 10% target public behavior toward green tea product by the end December 2008. 3. 3 Tactics • Television

The television channel that has been selected to advertise our advertisement is ITV, which will be implemented for one year forwards. We have selected ITV because based on Broadcaster audience research board LTD (BARB) in 2008, ITV is the second largeest TV viewers by audience in UK and Pokka can’t advertise their advertisement in BBC because BBC is not permitted to carry advertising or sponsorship on its public services. This keeps them independent of commercial interests and ensures that they can be run instead to serve the general public interest (BBC, 2008). Based on the information above, we believe that ITV is the best suited TV channel to advertise our advertisement.

Due to our marketing communication objectives which are focused on build brand awareness and influence the target market behaviour toward our product, Pokka green tea ad will be advertised on ITV every Friday (five times) and Sunday (five times) at prime time started from 7. 00 pm until 10. 00 pm. Pokka chooses to advertise on weekend at the prime time because at that time most of our target market which has busy lifestyle are at home, spending their leisure time together with their family and most of our target market will do their grocers shopping during weekend. • Internet We will use banner advertisement advertise our advertisement on Yahoo website under the lifestyle section. We choose to advertise on Yahoo lifestyle because based on nielsen-netratings. com 2008, yahoo has 105,444,000 unique users and 3. billion page views per day who are seeking information and inspiration on the various aspects of everyday living such as shopping, food & entertainment, beauty and fashion, home decor, family & parenting and etc. This site will be best suited to approach our target market and create their brand awareness Pokka green tea. To overcome the disadvantages of lack of information given due to limited production quality, space and format, Pokka must come with creative idea to attract audience to click and watch the advertisement and with Click-through rate Pokka can know how success the advertisement is. A CTR is obtained by dividing the numbers of users who clicked on our advertisement on a web page by the numbers of times the advertisement was delivered (Wikipedia, 2007). • Outdoor advertisement (side of bus)

Pokka chooses Transport for London bus as the bus channel because transport for London Bus ridership grew more than 38 per cent between 1999/00 and 2004/05 and every weekday over 6,800 scheduled buses carry around six million passengers on over 700 different routes (transport for London bus, 2008). Therefore sides of the buses advertisement can reach customers pretty easily, as whether they are taking public or private transports, the visibility level of this method is high. Pokka will advertise on transport for London bus for six months because to avoid boredom from the audiences. During the peak hours such as lunch time, Pokka will the bus to flow in the main roads to go on slower speed to make easy for audience to view Pokka advertisement. (see appendix. 4). • Magazine

Pokka will use COSMOPOLITAN magazine as the channel to advertise because Cosmopolitan magazine is the best-selling young women’s magazine in the UK and in the world, the content includes articles on life style, health, relationships, careers, self-improvement, celebrities, as well as fashion and beauty (Hearst, 2008) and they have same target market as Pokka, target audience between 25 to 40 years old. To overcome the cluster of the advertisement inside, Pokka will advertise in Cosmopolitan magazine for one year time. Pokka will arrange one full space and full color page on the middle and on the right side of the magazine as it would be more effective than left side (Temple, 2005), inside the advertisement Pokka will put attractive picture of our product with the information of our product that can help customers to remember our product when they go to market and purchase it. (see appendix. 5). 3. 4 Mode of Entry

For Mode of Entry, we choose Direct Exporting (see appendix 4) because we can get greater control over the selected market and able to improved feedback about the performance of our product. Therefore, we decide to choose Distributors which is appropriate for handling Fast Moving Goods, since they have warehousing facilities and sales and distribution network. They buy our product from our manufacturer; therefore, they take the market risk on unsold products either the profit. (Doole & Lowe, 2004) 3. 5 Budget |ESTIMATED expenses for 2009 |Amount | |R cost: | |Operational : RM50,000,000 | | |Market research : RM 5,000,000 |RM 55,000,000 | |Employee wages |RM 10,000,000 | |Raw material |RM 50,000,000 | |Total promotional cost: | | |Celebrity ambassador : RM 6,000,000 | | |Television (520xRM 30,000 exposes) : RM 15,600,000 | | |Magazine (12xRM18,000) : RM 216,000 | | |Bus (6xRM10. 000) : RM 60,000 |RM 22,048,800 | |Internet(12xRM14,400 ) : RM 172,800 | | |Transportation Fees |RM 5,000,000 | |Total estimated expenses |RM 142,048,800 | Estimated Sales for 2009 |Amount | |January – March |RM700,000 | |April – June |RM1,500,000 | |July – September |RM2,000,000 | |October – December |RM3,000,000 | |Total Estimated Sales |RM7,200,000 | 3. 6 Actions of Program The table below is a list of all the major activities in 2009 whereby developed with detailed activity to be accomplished with due dates and also who responsible for it. Activity |Responsibility of |Due Date | |Research of the Host-Country |R Manager |1st Oct-30th Nov 2008 | |Conduct general meeting to discuss general strategy for |Human Resource Manager |1st December 2009 | |entry new market in 2009 | | | |Propose Promotion plan and budget to Company Director |Marketing , Sales and Accounting Manager |15th December 2009 | |Start distribution of Pokka green tea to retail in UK |Production, Marketing, sales and accounting |20th December 2009 | | |Manager | | |Pretesting of Campaign |Marketing and Sales Manager |20th Dec-30th Dec 2008 | |First time publishing advertisement in television (ITV |Marketing and Sales Manager |1st January 2009 | |channel) | | | |First time publishing advertisement in Cosmopolitan |Marketing & Sales |5th February 2009 | |magazine |Manager | | |First time publishing advertisement in Transport to London|Marketing & Sales |1st January 2009 | |bus |Manager | | |First time publishing advertisement in internet |Marketing & Sales |1st Feb 2009 | |(Yahoo. com) |Manager | | |Control of promotional tools report Marketing Manager |25th March 2009 | | | |25th June 2009 | | | |25th Sept 2009 | | | |15th Dec 2009 | |Report evaluation of campaign |Marketing, Sales and Account Manager |25th March 2009 | | | |25th June 2009 | | | |25th Sept 2009 | | | |15th Dec 2009 | | | 4. 0 Implementation, Evaluation and Control 4. 1 Standard In the UK, Tea considered as acclaimed product and there are serious rules and regulations surrounding it.

As such, to market our product in UK first of all we are going to make sure that we run it through the European Food Standard Agency because they determine which product comes in to the EU. We will ensure that our packaging, which is in a carton box and tea bag, meets the requirements. To ensure that we meet their requirements we are going to get an expert in the standards agency to inspect the goods. Then we will also take a sample of the finished product to UK for further inspection of the packaging, labeling and food contents. Furthermore, we are going to obtain a written customs duty ruling, known as Binding Tariff Information (BTI) that will prevent us from having any conflict customs or excise duty.

Also we are going ask our importers if a license by the UK Department of Trade and Industry, applies to us and if it does we will apply for it. This will ensure that we are licensed to market our goods in the UK. Also our products have been given a certificate by the HACCP, which proves that our goods are not and will not be a hazard to the consumer. (Australian Trade Commision, 2008) 4. 2 Measure Performance We are going to use the following evaluation processes: 4. 2. 1 Post-Research This evaluates the impact after implementing the plan is over or after the ad has been showed. For this research to be useful benchmark or baseline studies are needed.

They can be from previous marketing plans or from a research company. Using the Database Marketing Systems, we will compare our previous marketing plan that is the promotion campaign and previous markets that we have entered based on sales revenue, customer acquisition, and market coverage, with our present promotion campaign. With this information we will be able to see if there are commonalities in our operating markets. 4. 2. 2 Development Research Pre-testing the likelihood that the plan will work or that one idea is better than another. (Wells, et al,. 2006) . This is going to be carried out before we place the products in stores. A focus group consists of very randomly selected customers.

This group will let us know if they understand the message and will like to buy the product after seeing the advert or later on. Then we will ask the reasons for their answers. Then, we will collect the data and analyze it. The following are the types of pretesting methods that we are going to use. • Jury Tests According to Berkowitz, Fet al,. 2000, Jury tests involves showing the promotion tools to a panel of consumers and having them rate how they liked it, how much it drew their attention, and how attractive they thought it was. By showing our customers our different promotion tools, we are able to know which one is the most appropriate tool.

We are going to select a sample size from our customer database and choose our most valuable accounts. We are choosing our most valuable accounts because they bring in the most profit for the company and mostly they are very loyal to the firm. Then we will show them the range of tools and ask them to rate which one the like the best. • Questionnaires We are going to select a sample size of our own customers and also prospects, which we will hand out the questionnaires to. The purpose of this questionnaire is to find out what kind of promotional tools the customers like, if they saw our ad and what they thought of it, if they would purchase our product and if they think the benefits are good enough for them and so on. Portfolio Tests According to Berkowitz, et al. , 2000, Portfolio tests are used by marketers to test the alternatives of these promotion tools. Different kinds of promotion tools are placed with examples of how it will be, in a portfolio. Then we will ask our customers and prospects to read through the portfolio. After they have finished, we will begin to discuss on different areas and ask them to rate them on a given scale. The tools that get high reviews on each topic will be considered for further use in the promotion campaign. 4. 2. 3 CONTROL MEASURES. To measure the performance of our Marketing plan we are going to use the Database Marketing Systems.

There is a greater control of marketing costs and with the results, major benefits are used to justify the implementation of DATABASE MARKETING (DBM) SYSTEMS. This means that whatever kind of result that we get from using this system to measure performance, we will be able to control our marketing costs and be able to know what kind of issues that have come up during and after the operation of the plan. We are going to use DBM systems to measure the performance levels of the plan. 4. 2. 4 Measuring Media Performance • INTERNET. First of all we are going to measure with the Click per rate metric, the number of visits to the website and how long they spent on the website. For the Click per rate, this means how many people clicked on the pop-up to go to the website.

Then for the number of visits and length of visit, which is we are going to calculate how many people visited our websites. Then with the length of the visit, we will know if the customer was interested in the promotion. • TELEVISION, MAGAZINES AND MOBILE ADVERTISING-TRAIN AND BUS. i. According to Berkowitz, et al,. 2000, the aided Recall test is when after showing the ad, the respondents are asked whether their previous exposure to it was through reading or viewing. With this test we are able to know if the advert had an impact on the respondent or not. ii. Unaided Recall. Like the aided recall we will ask whether the respondents remembers the advert but we are not going to ask about a specific ad, just which adverts they saw the previous day.

This method will tell us if our advert has reached our target market. Also the amount of people that see and remembered our advert. iii. Inquiry tests. We will measure whether there were more inquiries before, during and after our promotion campaign. This will also tell us if it had an impact on our customers and prospects. 5. 0 References CreditRiskMonitor. com. 2008,’ Pokka Corporation’, [online], Date Accessed: October 20th, 2008. Available from: http://www. crmz. com/Report/ReportPreview. asp? BusinessId=5492405 Pokka. ListedCompany. com, 2008, ‘Pokka: Core Strength’, [online], Date Accessed: October 20th, 2008. Available from: http://pokka. listedcompany. com/core_strengths. html Pokka. ListedCompany. om, 2008, ‘Pokka: Quality Endorsement and Award’, [online], Date Accessed: October 21th, 2008. Available from: http://www. pokka. com. sg/aboutus/ourbusiness3. html Pokka Ace, 2008, ‘Pokka Ace Sdn Bhd’, [online], Date Accessed: October 20th, 2008. Available from: http://www. tradenex. com/sites/pokkaace/ Pokka Annual Report. 2008, ‘Pokka: Annual Report 2008’, [online], Date Accessed: October 18th, 2008. Available from: http://pokka. listedcompany. com/misc/ar2008. pdf Pokka. Listed Company. com. 2008. ‘Pokka: Board of Directors’,[online], Date Accessed: October 18th, 2008. Available from: http://pokka. listedcompany. com/directors. html World Fact Book. 008,‘Malaysia’[online], Date Accessed: October 16th, 2008. Available from: https://www. cia. gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/my. html US Department of State, 2008, ‘Malaysia’, [online], Date Accessed: 6th October, 2008. Available from: http://www. state. gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/2777. htm UK Trade & Investment. 2008. ‘The UK Economy at a Glance’. [online], date accessed: October 7th, 2008. Available from: http://www. ukinvest. gov. uk/Information-sheets/4018290/en-GB. html UK Trade & Investment. 2008. ‘The UK Railway Sector business Excellence in Sustainable Development’, [online], date accessed: October 7th, 2008. Available from: http://www. ukinvest. gov. k/UKTI-publications/4012534/en-GB. pdf National Statistics. 2008. ‘Population Change: UK population increases by 388,000 ’,[online], date accessed: October 7th, 2008. Available from: http://www. statistics. gov. uk/cci/nugget. asp? ID=950 IBM Corporation. 2008. ‘The Road Ahead for the UK Transport: Strategies for road and vehicle charging’, [online], date accessed: October 7th, 2008. Available from: www. ibm. com/industries/automotive/doc/content/bin/Auto_the_road_ahead_1. pdf Nielson Online. com. 2008. ‘The Ageing UK Internet Population’, [online]. Date Accessed: October 8th, 2008. Available from: http://www. nielsen-online. com/pr/pr_071218_UK. pdf Roach, S. 2006. Pepsi may have to comply with changes in UK recycling legislation’, [online]. Date Accessed: October 8th, 2008. Available from: http://www. foodproductiondaily. com/Packaging/Pepsi-may-have-to-comply-with-changes-in-UK-recycling-legislation McKinnon, A. 2006. ’The Development of Retail Logistics in the UK’, [online]. Date Accessed: October 8th, 2008. Available from: www. sml. hw. ac. uk/logistics/pdf/RetLog96. pdf Byrne, J. 2008. ‘Labour shortage puts UK food sector at risk – claim’, [online]. Date Accessed: October 8th, 2008. Available from: http://www. foodproductiondaily. com/Supply-Chain/Labour-shortage-puts-UK-food-sector-at-risk-claim Wissotzky. 2007. Ceremonies and Culture’, [online]. Date Accessed: October 9th, 2008. Available from: http://www. wtea. com/about-tea_teatime-Ceremonies. aspx GreenTeaBenefits. info. 2007. ’ Biological Effects of EGCG’,[online]. Date Accessed: October 21st, 2008. Available from: http://www. greenteabenefits. info/egcg_biological_effects. php Gorman, W. 2008. ’The teabag, a British favourite born by mistake, is 100 years old’, [online]. Date Accessed: October 21st, 2008. Available from: http://www. timesonline. co. uk/tol/life_and_style/food_and_drink/article4124211. ece NetDoctor. co. uk. 2008. ‘Diabetes Overview’,[online]. Date Accessed: October 21st, 2008.

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