Political, Social and Economical Effects of Jewish Immigration Into USA Essay

* Jews played a large part in changing the immigration policies of America in the 19th century. * Jews have been “the single most persistent pressure group favoring a liberal immigration policy” in the United States in the entire immigration debate beginning in 1881. * Throughout the entire period of almost 100 years prior to achieving success with the immigration law of 1965, Jewish groups opportunistically made alliances with other groups whose interests temporarily converged with Jewish interests (e. . , a constantly changing set of ethnic groups, religious groups, pro-Communists, anti-Communists, the foreign policy interests of various presidents, the political need for presidents to curry favorwith groups influential in populous states in order to win national elections, etc.

). * Particularly noteworthy was the support of a liberal immigration policy from industrial interests wanting cheap labor, at least in the period prior to the 1924 temporary triumph of restrictionism. Within this constantly shifting set of alliances, Jewish organizations persistently pursued their goals of maximizing the number of Jewish immigrants and opening up the United States to immigration from all of the peoples of the world.

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Political, Social and Economical Effects of Jewish Immigration Into USA
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* Making the United States into a multicultural society has been a major goal of organized Jewry beginning in the nineteenth century. Social Effects to America due to Jewish Immigration Following Ravenstien’s Third Law of Migration, many of the Israeli immigrants settled in large cities, with large commerce and/or industries. * The United States has, over time, become a largely multicultural, which eliminates many of culture and society issues that arose in the Middle East. * This large influx of Jewish people would actually become one of the many catalysts of the diversity and multiculturalism on the nation today. Additionally, given the United States Declaration of Independence, general rights and other legal rights, the Jewish people in the United States are generally happy, as they are not oppressed by the government, and are allowed to live there peacefully.

Economic Effects to America due to Jewish Immigration * Economically, the Jewish people have had a positive influence on the United States’ economy. In general, the Jewish people are very successfully economically, which has only increased wealth in the U. S. This may be one of the reasons that the U. S. allowed and encouraged many of the displaced Jewish people to come to America. America has prospered by the decision, and The Jewish people in America are satisfied Credits: Macdonald, K. (2009). Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881 – 1965: A Historical Review. California State University-Long Beach Rischins, M. (1987). The Jews of North America. Mulitcultural History Society of Ontario http://cac-ib-geography. wikispaces. com/

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