Port Operation Reflection

The Bureau of Customs has One Commissioner and 7 Deputy Commissioners under this Deputy Commissioners there 17 Collection Districts, one of these is the Port of Manila there are 3 Deputy Collectors The Port Operations, Assessment, and Administration. My Group has the chance to interview Collector Jose Tabanda, the Deputy Collector for Port Operations, and asked him about the functions of his office in the B. O. C. Basically, the port operations is responsible in the imported articles once they land in the territory of the Philippines.

Port of Manila is biggest port in the Philippines. The Port Operations has 9 offices, The Piers and Inspection Division is the one who’s in charge in the Clearance and Entrance of Vessels. The abandoned imported article will be send to Auction and Cargo Disposal, to be auction they will contact a bidder to participate in the auction. The imported article will be considered abandoned if the product is not processed within 30 days upon the arrival of the article. The B. O. C has 15 days to conduct an auction. The export division is in charge of the wrong shipment committed by the foreign country, it will be send back to abroad with the clearance of secretary of finance. Collector Tabanda also told us that they are planning to install a Global Positioning System to be installed at every container van; this will serve as the medium to monitor all the shipment, if it’s arriving in its designated port. Collector Tabanda explained to us how smuggling occurs.

He said that smuggling doesn’t start at the Bureau of Customs, it starts with the importer, and the fact that the importer knows what is in his shipment the broker will just sign the papers trusting what the importer told the broker what is inside the cargo. Collector Tabanda adds that the Importer must connive with the broker and examiner to perform the unscrupulous act. A piece of advice from the collector, as early as now we should have the TCCP at our fingertips to perform good in our field, we must study hard to be successful, also we must build a strong foundation in studying to keep on learning more.

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