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Batangas Port Thesis Proposal

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2k3-12074-4 PUERTO de GRANDE: The Luxurious Harbor-Hotel (A neural study of hotel and harbor design) Project/Research Brief Passengers waiting in a seaport terminal experiences different kinds of discomfort and complains, sometimes finds it very difficult to stay there because they have no temporary shelter or places to stay safe and can provide them their needs and comfort. There are only few places where terminals are devoted to provide facilities including the needs of man here in our country.

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Batangas Port Thesis Proposal
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And as a response to these problems, a further developed seaport terminal that would offer a different approach setting, with the combination of hotel and harbor facilities using a neural investigation for hotel and harbor design, as well as answering the needs of passengers while staying in a seaport terminal will be a great aid. Therefore, a complete facility which can provide solutions to most problems of seaport terminal is designed to help not only the passengers but also the workers of the combined facility.

In addition to the project’s essential characteristics is that it is far more different from other harbor facilities since it has more challenging environment such as combining two facilities into one. There are several compelling reasons for choosing hotel and harbor design as integration. First, since it is implacable and absolute, the users of this facility will positively respond to this new and comfortable environment.

Also because, a neural study for hotel and harbor design facilities has the potential to provide a kind of essential needs of man while in a seaport terminal. It also has the prospective to give the said needs into a partial return to our natural human wishes, likes, and leisure. Integrating this new concept will bring significant improvement of taking new approach in designing such facility.

Its focus is to make comfortable as possible for the target users while staying in a seaport terminal, especially when delay of scheduled trips occurs. Research Goal: To propose for a neural study about “Hotel and Harbor Design” concept that aims to provide a comfortable environment not only for the seaport terminal passengers, but also, for the hotel user’s as a way to make use of their time while staying in the said facility. Research Objectives: To incorporate structures to be built to support the function and needs of the combined facility. • To make use of ‘providing comfort’ as a basis of the design. • To establish a neural study on hotel and harbor design facilities. References: Books: South Street Seaport : a terminal project by Sitthiporn Piromreun; University of Pennsylvania. School of Fine Arts. Urban Design Studio. Oceanside Harbor design standards. by Oceanside Harbor District. Study of harbor design by Chao Hwa; Chu Teng-Kao; Hsu Zan-Ziang

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