Poverty as a Global Problem

Poverty is a global problem, and it has existed from the beginning of civilization. Hunger, homelessness, and lack of health care are major aspects of this world-wide dilemma. Many countries are in complete poverty and the majority are third-world countries. Within the United States of America, a land of valuable, there are also pockets of extreme poverty. Trying to solve this huge problem of poverty. the United States of America, have developed for various reasons, and these situations have led to a great deal of problems.

Throughout the world, poverty has plagued all countries. In smaller, under-developed countries many people die from starvation. These countries can not afford to support their citizens. Due to their financial problems, the people lack proper shelter and clothing to keep themselves warm during cold months. Since they lack adequate shelter and clothing, diseases occur all over. These diseases develop a lot easier with poor nutrition. Once again with more financial problems, health care is limited to none.

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T.L Berry English Professor at Oxnard College says “poverty is usually caused by the difficulty in holding and even getting a job. Ability, education, and skills help determine the kind of job an individual gets”. That is the matter. Through out our history, people in the United State have valued self reliance, convinced that social standing is mostly a matter of individual talent and effort. This perspective sees society offering plenty of opportunity to anyone able and willing to take advantage of it. The poor are whoever can not or will not work, women and men with fewer skills, less schooling, and little motivation. Everyone does not have the same physical abilities and mental abilities. Poor health and abilities prevent some people from holding a job. Through science people have been able to hold onto jobs a lot easier. It has increased the need for professional workers and lowered the demand for the unskilled . So, the people with higher education will get paid a higher income, and people with lower education will get paid a lower income. The United States of America, the richest country in the world, has its share of poverty granted, American poverty is no match to third world poverty, but for such a prosperous country it is pretty sad. Most third world countries do not have social security or welfare. So people of those countries have no income to keep themselves going. Even though. America does have both social security and welfare, this country still has many homeless and starving people Example at Ventura county, the place of many wealthy residents live in almost million value properties, but Oxnard is the city of poverty with thousand family on welfare and there are a lot of people still line up everyday at EDD to claim unemployment benefits.

The poverty in America will not be solved all at once. Simply creating jobs will not help eliminate poverty because there are some people who are disabled and just can not work. The government social welfare programs help to add income to many people. These people could be the retired, unemployed, disabled, or widowed. In order to help the less fortunate, the people that are employed are taxed to raise money to pay for social security and other benefits. For the higher income workers taxes are higher, and for lower income workers taxes are lower. The United States of America is a land of plenty and America is known for its freedom and advantages. With all these possibilities to succeed, America has its own shame. Sadly enough, poverty has struck this country. The city of poverty is found in a wealthy region called Oxnard city. The economic development of Ventura County is extremely uneven. Things that help these small towns are efforts like Oxnard. A variety of things were done to help lower the unemployment rate. One important item is the big industry, like automation, computer, that came into the area. The government has been doing a lot to decrease unemployment. They have been creating government jobs for the people, a program which began in the couple years ago. In fact, they set up work training and help people find jobs at EDD center. There are many big companies have entered the area since 1995. Many residents have been employees in industrial and research. million dollars were used to build more firms companies since 1994, which was raised by the federal government. The primary way to lower unemployment is to encourage future generations to get an education. The high schools and colleges today must be upgraded to meet the future needs of our nation. In high schools and colleges

across the nation all students must be familiar with the computer. Today, the computer is used for many purposes from simple spreadsheet to architectural designs. Another technological advance is the internet. The internet is almost a mandatory commodity today. The whole world is connected by the internet. The internet connects many large and small companies. In county colleges have connected to the internet as we approach the end of 1997. If the education is upgraded, people will get more jobs and/or higher paying jobs.” In ventura county, School to career programs and the business partnerships they have developed are thriving at two Ventura County community colleges”. Said Charles Weis Oxnard Star reporter on Tuesday 11 April 2000. Another news on Tuesday article “Welfare to work gets $717,330 boost” Raul Hernandez state: “the state is going to give Oxnard $717,330 to help people get off welfare and find jobs in the private sector”. In the news Burnham said the program is designed to hook up welfare recipients with work opportunities in industry, clerical, sales and other employment. This change is having a great impact on the Ventura region, from Oxnard to other cities. Reasons for the change involve the enable welfare recipients to get additional training, sharpen job skills and get back into the job market. The new economic system is changing the Ventura region into a more technological area. Although the Oxnard area is known for its poverty problem, but Ventura County is considers as a beautiful place and something more pleasure as home. Because of the down roads and low run communities, it is no wonder Ventura County has the stereotype it has. Oxnard is not just a poor wasted land. It is an underdeveloped area waiting for the future to arrive. It has high mountains surrounded, close to the beach and extremely gentle winds which make life there beautiful. The beach along California states is a major center for travel business and the port of transportation of the United States. People are starting to move into this area, looking for what promises to be a bright tomorrow. Ventura County is one of the county has the best weather in the United State. Trends are started and developed Oxnard will be a wonderful place to live and raise a family in the future.

Finally, considering the fact I mentioned above, poverty is not just happen in the third nations or the countries without modernization. The poverty can happen in the big country like the United States. As old people today live longer but their physical are not able to work properly as demanded. I think that the most important thing for people and each country is to have a feeling trying to understand poverty and avoid it happened as disaster. The first thing people need to investment is education and knowledge. Job training is the main part to eliminate unemployment rate, and poverty. However we can not say only such an excuse. Because the world is changing rapidly, disasters happen every year everywhere in the world. Thus, helping hand is the way to solve the problem.


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