Poverty as a Global Problem

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Poverty, a worldwide issue that has endured since the inception of civilization, manifests through hunger, homelessness, and inadequate healthcare. Numerous countries suffer from poverty, particularly those in the third world. Even within the affluent United States of America, pockets of severe poverty exist. The nation has made efforts to address this immense problem, yet various circumstances have resulted in numerous challenges.

Poverty is a global issue that affects all nations. In less developed countries, many people perish from hunger as these nations lack the resources to support their citizens adequately. Consequently, individuals in these countries suffer from inadequate shelter and clothing, leaving them vulnerable to the cold. This lack of proper necessities leads to the spread of diseases, which are exacerbated by poor nutrition. Additionally, limited access to healthcare further compounds their financial struggles.

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According to T.L Berry, an English Professor at Oxnard College, poverty often arises from the difficulties of finding and maintaining employment. The ability, education, and skills of individuals play a crucial role in determining their job prospects. This perspective aligns with the historical viewpoint in the United States, where self-reliance and individual effort hold great value. Society is believed to provide abundant opportunities for those who have the capability and motivation to seize them. Individuals living in poverty typically lack necessary skills, education, or motivation to work. Additionally, physical and mental capabilities contribute to job instability.

However, advancements in science have made it easier for people to retain jobs, leading to a higher demand for skilled professionals while reducing the demand for unskilled workers. Consequently, individuals with higher levels of education tend to earn more money compared to those with less education who receive lower wages.

Despite being the wealthiest country globally, the United States still struggles with poverty issues within its borders. Although American poverty cannot be directly equated with poverty levels in developing nations, it remains disheartening considering the nation’s prosperity.In numerous developing countries, residents are left without means of supporting themselves due to the absence of social security or welfare systems. However, even with social security and welfare programs in place in America, a significant portion of the population still experiences homelessness and hunger. This inequality is apparent in Ventura county, where wealthy individuals live in million-dollar homes while Oxnard struggles with poverty, leading many families to rely on welfare assistance. Additionally, a large number of people can be seen daily waiting at the EDD office to apply for unemployment benefits.

The problem of poverty in the United States cannot be completely solved at once, even with an increase in job creation. This is because there are people with disabilities who cannot work. The government has established social welfare programs that provide additional income to different groups, including retirees, unemployed individuals, disabled individuals, and widows. Employed people contribute through taxes to support these programs like social security and other benefits. Tax rates vary based on income level; higher incomes have higher tax rates while lower incomes have lower tax rates. Despite being a wealthy country with many opportunities, America still struggles with poverty. Oxnard, a city in Ventura County known for its uneven economic development despite being located in a prosperous region, serves as an example of this issue. Efforts have been made to help smaller towns like Oxnard by attracting major industries such as automation and computer technology to reduce unemployment rates. Additionally, job programs initiated years ago aim to create job opportunities as part of the government’s employment initiatives.EDD centers (Employment Development Department centers) have been providing work training and assistance in finding employment. The establishment of numerous large companies since 1995 has led to residents securing jobs in industrial and research sectors. Furthermore, federal funding allocations starting from 1994 have raised millions of dollars for the development of additional firms and companies. To address unemployment effectively, it is crucial to encourage younger generations to pursue education by enhancing high schools and colleges to meet the future demands of our nation.

Computer literacy skills are now required for all students nationwide. Computers are used for various purposes, ranging from basic spreadsheets to complex architectural designs. Additionally, the internet serves as an essential commodity that connects people globally and links numerous companies together.

County colleges have recently begun connecting to the internet as we approach the end of 1997. By improving education, individuals can access more job opportunities and potentially secure higher-paying positions. School-to-career programs and business partnerships at two Ventura County community colleges are thriving, according to Charles Weis in the Oxnard Star.

On April 11, 2000, Raul Hernandez announced that Oxnard will receive $717,330 from the state as part of the Welfare to Work initiative. This initiative aims to assist welfare recipients in finding jobs in the private sector by connecting them with employment opportunities in fields such as clerical work and sales.

This transition is significantly impacting the economy of Ventura region by making it a more technologically advanced area. Welfare recipients can now receive additional training to enhance their job skills and successfully reenter the workforce.

Despite its reputation for poverty, the Oxnard area in Ventura County is considered an appealing place to live. is not defined by its run-down roads and low-income communities, despite these stereotypes. Instead, it offers an underdeveloped charm with its high mountains, close proximity to the beach, and gentle winds that enhance its beauty. As a major hub for travel and transportation, Oxnard attracts many visitors to its beaches along the California coast. The area is also attracting more people who are seeking promising opportunities for a brighter future. Ventura County, known for having exceptional weather in the United States, holds great potential for growth and improvement. With emerging trends and continued development, Oxnard has the potential to become an ideal place for families to settle down in the future.

Regardless of whether it is in developing nations or countries with modernization, poverty extends beyond borders. It can even affect larger countries like the United States, particularly among the elderly who may live longer but lack the physical capability to work as required. Recognizing and preventing poverty from turning into a catastrophe is imperative for individuals and nations alike. A crucial aspect to invest in is education and knowledge since job training plays a significant role in reducing unemployment and poverty rates. Nevertheless, this alone cannot be regarded as an adequate excuse since the world constantly undergoes change, leading to disasters occurring worldwide every year. Therefore, lending a helping hand is the solution to tackle this issue.

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