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Many citizens have become pitiless victims from poorness. Possibly

some of these people could hold prevented their socioeconomic ruin by

planning determinations and puting ends. There are many things that they must

decide to make in order to extinguish themselves from being a victim of

downward mobility. For each of their of import determinations they have to put

ends to make. However, should they get down falling from their

socioeconomic position, they must be prepared to get by with the state of affairss.

Most theoreticians would hold that there are two factors that

influence downward mobility. The rich and the hapless. As one moves from one

category to another there are a figure of alterations that take topographic point. Some can

be big and some can be little. Peoples would believe that little alterations

would non be every bit important as big alterations. The existent truth is that

people do non recognize that the small little alterations add up to be a big

alteration. Changes lay the foundation for which type of individual will belong to

a certain societal stratification. Anytime a alteration occurs one must mind

that they might be come ining into a crisis.

In the Chinese civilization, if one would interrupt up the word crisis, they

would happen that the word means chance and danger-threat. One might

gather that the word crisis is bad, but it could besides associate to a good

state of affairs. What the word crisis is seeking to state is that it is a unsafe

state of affairs where there is chance at the same clip. Peoples who are in a

crisis must measure their situational precedences and the available


Karl Marx might reason & # 8220 ; capitalist economy would necessarily do the

enlargement of the lumpenproletariat & # 8221 ; ( Kornblum 235 ) . Luck plays a major portion

in capitalist economy. The more frequently one examines their state of affairs, they are more

probably to better their personal addition. I believe that fortune is where

chance meets preparedness. When chance arises, one must be

prepared to seting their behaviour consequently. With readiness, one

demands to put clip. Those who take the clip to be prepared will be

empowered to progress in society alternatively of stagnate and besides increase their

societal stratification.

There is much chance in our society. Most of the chance

is hidden, or one might be informally excluded from it. Harmonizing to

William Kornblum, & # 8220 ; rewards of the lowest paid authorities employee & # 8217 ; s lift really

easy of at all & # 8221 ; ( Kornblum 237 ) . Poor people are ever know apart

vitamin D

against, therefore doing it highly hard to obtain chance to draw

themselves out of the slum of poorness. However, chance can be

minimized or enhanced. The more chance one can separate will merely

better the sum of influence of what is done in the hereafter.

Peoples who have become victims of poorness besides suffer from learned

weakness. For case, if an person & # 8217 ; s employment is terminated,

one would take the first occupation chance that came their manner and do less

money. However, if they would hold chosen to review their precedences,

they could hold exercised delayed satisfaction by traveling to school and

happening a more hearty calling that has better wage.

Wealth, power, and prestigiousness are three factors that can be termed a

hierarchy that has a drastic consequence on mobility. Myron Gutmann of the

University of Texas, Austin writes, & # 8220 ; & # 8230 ; one & # 8217 ; s topographic point in the hierarchy is

closely related to power and wealth. I think that for the most portion

societal topographic point is independently determined, and gives you entree to power and

wealth & # 8230 ; it besides determines your ability to reproduce your societal position

through matrimony ; and it gives you seeable prestigiousnesss ( Gutmann ) . & # 8221 ; The term

hierarchy sounds great in which one automatically additions wealth, power, and

prestigiousness. Consequently, bulks of people are non born into this


Assuming that a individual is non born into this hierarchy, how can one

get the wealth, power, and prestige necessary to remain clear of poorness?

They must analyze all of their chances. Besides, one must larn how to

trade with anxiousness that accompanies of import determinations. Repression is the

most common manner of covering with anxiousness, but it merely puts the anxiousness into

one & # 8217 ; s unconscious. Therefore, it will be with the individual until they are ready

to cover with it or conform to the remainder of the population and develop a

whipping boy.

Realistically it is slightly non of import to fall into downward

mobility. Society shapes the poorness category into the slum of the Earth by

using labels to disfavor people. Wealth, power, and prestigiousnesss are

desires of most everyone. If people want to invalidate this tendency, they should

work on their societal character. Likewise, it will include them into the

universe of the informally excluded. With this in head, one should retrieve

these words from Irv Risch, & # 8220 ; Men of mastermind are admired ; work forces of wealth are

envied ; work forces of power are feared ; but merely work forces of character are trusted & # 8221 ;

( Risch ) .

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