The Phenomenon of London Fog and Its Depiction in Literature

London fog is seen by many as an inevitable force that has plagued the country for centuries. The fog fills the air with a thick cloud that coats the metropolis and everyone indoors. Tim Goodwin believes the fog is a manmade force that acts as a parasite against the metropolis. While Charles Dickens sees the fog as a shadow of the metropolis that creeps about everyplace. Both transitions clearly regard this subject with a different intent and manner. but still gives the spectator a good penetration of life among the fog.

The intent of Tim Goodwin’s 1997 transition was to inform the reader of the fogs effects with the usage of statistics. He gives us everything from decease tolls to the sum of dozenss of affair deposited in the city’s bounds. Goodwin goes on to depict the metropolis with enunciation such as “misty” and “marshy” . The usage of this enunciation allows the reader to understand what it would experience like to be in London during a great fog. On the other manus. Charles Dickens passage’s in Bleak House was to depict the scene of London fog. He uses correspondence throughout the transition get downing each sentence off with “Fog” . This organisation helps with the intent of the transition by stressing that the fog is. literally. everyplace.

Goodwin’s manner represented in this transition is described as expository. His sentence structure used helped develop the tone of glumness and desperation. He does this by his usage of certain words such as “plagued” to depict London as a smoky suburb surrounded by decease. To contrast. Dickens has a more descriptive manner to his work. Wordss such as “creeping” . “drooping” . and “cruelly” describe the fog capturing London’s people. Dickens. like Goodwin. has a tone of desperation. He tells of all the maliciousness effects of the fog. but non a solution to bring around it.

The fog depicted from both transitions leave the reader with heavy Black Marias. The fog haunted the metropolis of London with no flight or just warning of when it would come back.

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