President Barack Obama Lifts Cuban Restrictions

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For many old ages. legal professionals and bookmans in economic sciences argued over the benefits and costs of the trade trade stoppage which was put on Cuba by the U. S. Over the class of old ages. Cuban Americans were non merely deprived of a opportunity to reunite with their households ; they did non hold the legal right to supply their household members shacking in Cuba with fiscal support. Now. the new American President has come to carry through one of his major promises – to raise limitations. which Cuban Americans faced in their demand for travel and fiscal cooperation with Cuba.

Although Obama’s determination does non extinguish the trade trade stoppage. it expands the rights of common Cubans and Cuban Americans and will surely go the first measure toward reconstructing trade and political relationships with Cuba. For old ages. the bulk of Cuban Americans has been torn from their households and was unable to keep close relationships with their Cuban relations. Under American limitations. Cuban Americans were limited to one visit per twelvemonth and were non allowed to back up their households materially ( Weinemann. 2004 ) .

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Now. as Barack Obama looks further into the demand to better dealingss with Cuba. raising limitations will besides better the well-being of many Cubans and will supply them with a opportunity to reunite with their American household members. Furthermore. it appears that under the force per unit area of legal limitations. Cuban Americans learnt to avoid legal duty for go againsting the demands sing travelling and fiscal minutess. “They get around the limitation by going illicitly through 3rd states. merely like the huge bulk of Americans who travel to Cuba.

Cuban Americans carry or send hard currency back place at a rate of $ 1 billion a year” ( Weinemann. 2004 ) . as a consequence. lifting limitations is the agencies to legalise what has been illegal for many old ages. and to better dealingss between Cuba and the U. S. Lifting limitations on going and fiscal minutess to Cuba is a really pleasing fact. Beyond spread outing going activity and fiscal operations between the two states. this Obama’s determination is likely to do a strategic political and economic alteration.

Statisticss suggests that Florida entirely loses $ 750 yearly due to the trade trade stoppage ( Weinemann. 2004 ) ; Florida ports could keep positive relationships with other Cuban endeavors and could therefore turn into another beginning of grosss for the province budget. Furthermore. given that these are the citizens that promote alterations. raising limitations will supply the Cubans with better stimulation for a major democratic alteration. The more citizens are allowed to see Cuba and to develop reciprocally good relationships with the U. S. . the more likely it is that Cuba will take a more democratic manner of development ( Nuccio. 1998 ) .

Surely. raising limitations on fiscal minutess is the subject of hot argument. Oppositions of Obama’s determination are confident that extra fundss will work to back up the Cuban authorities in its desire to curtail democratic freedoms and to advance absolutism and political isolation. Unfortunately. Obama’s oppositions bury that “if the U. S. trade stoppage is successful in its aim of denying resources to the Cuban authorities. it must besides hold negative effects on the lives of ordinary Cubans” ( Nuccio. 1998 ) . The political history of Cuba suggests that non the authorities. but common citizens are the primary victims of the trade stoppage.

Due to the trade stoppage and travel limitations. citizens can non avoid the sense of hatred and ill will toward the adjacent state ; Cuban Americans are no longer enthusiastic about these limitations. More than 1. 2 million Cuban Americans ballot for raising the current limitations and welcome Obama’s determination ( Weinemann. 2004 ) . which besides means that their personal lives will alter for the better and the bulk of their personal issues will be resolved. Conclusion Lifting limitations for Cubans sing going to Cuba and directing money to their household members will better the quality of relationships between Cuba and the U.

S. People will be given a opportunity to reunite with their households. Families will be given an chance to have fiscal support from their relations abroad. Finally. raising these limitations is the first measure toward set uping democratic relationships with Cuba and spread outing international trade. Mentions Nuccio. R. A. ( 1998 ) . Cautious optimism. Harvard International Review. 20 ( 4 ) : 24-27. Weinmann. L. ( 2004 ) . Washington’s irrational Cuba policy. World Policy Journal. 21 ( 1 ) : 22-31.

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