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Judy was surprised and pleased to find out that she was one of the top three students in her category after mid-year scrutiny consequences were announced. However, after returning from the half-term vacations, she became chesty and vain, only speaking to the smartest students in the class and becoming impatient with slower students. Her friends eventually left her, and she performed poorly in the term trials, leading her classmates to attribute her downfall to her haughtiness. Despite attempts to offer advice, Judy rebuffed her former friends and ended up placing 15th in the final year examination results. Her classmates realized that pride had come before her fall.

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After the mid-year scrutiny consequences were announced. Judy was both surprised and pleased to happen that she was among the top three students in her category. She glowed with pride as both instructors and friends congratulated her on her accomplishment.

After the half-term vacations. we returned to school to happen a different Judy. The one time low and helpful Judy that we all knew had become chesty and vain. Alternatively of mixing with everyone in the category as she had ever done. she merely spoke to the encephalons of the clas and gave short responses to anyone else. As yearss passed. most of us in category who used to be her friends left her to her new pick of friends.

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Every student in the category belonged to a survey groups consisting both bright and weak students. IN the yesteryear. Judy would be highly helpful to the weaker students and in bend. she frequently asked for aid from the brighter 1s. After the vacations. Judy felt she was excessively good to necessitate aid from the brighter pupils in the group. She was impatiend with the slower students and was frequently ryde and hurtful to them. often naming them ‘stupid’ and ‘dumb’ . Gradually. her groups members did non desire to hold anything more to make with her and left her to make her ain perusal.

Soon the term trials came and went. Judy was small defeated and shocked to happen herslef in the 12th place. The remainder of us discuseed the category places and attributed Judy’s ruin to her haughtiness. We felt that her mean public presentation in the term trials was a consequence of her going from the survey group. We ere certain of our analysis and as one of her good friends in the yesteryear. I thought i would wish to give a small advice. However. all my good purposes were snubbed by Judy who told me to mind my ain concern. After that. no 1 else bothered with her anymore. go forthing her to make as she wished.

As we expected. Judy’s name was nowhere near the top when the concluding twelvemonth scrutiny consequences wer announced. Alternatively. she was placed 15th. Tha was midway down the list! Upon hearing that. she jumped of her place and ran out of the category weeping. As she disappeared down the aisle. I shook my caput and idea to myself. “Pride comes before a autumn. and what a autumn. ”

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