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Charles Saunders Revisits Racism in Fantasy Literature



Words: 353 (2 pages)

Famed fantasy author Charles Saunders has just posted his “Die, Black Dog!” essay over at his blog.  This groundbreaking piece originally appeared in Toadstool Wine in 1975 and was later reprinted in REHupa by Morgan Holmes during the 1990s. For this most recent appearance, Charles has added an introduction and some thoughts on the essay many years…

Fantasy Theme Analysis of Commercial



Words: 1523 (7 pages)

“It’s Not About the Shoes” The Jordan Brand efforts to pass on to its audience that to go legendary they need to understand that it is non about the places. but what it is you do in them. They do this by demoing a figure of star jocks executing when they were in college and…

An Amazing Collection of Pulp and Fantasy Art — Part One



Words: 372 (2 pages)

TGR contributor Barbara Barrett recently visited the home of Doug Ellis and his wife and had the opportunity to take some photos of their massive collection of pulp and fantasy art. Here’s Barbara’s introduction to the photos of the artwork: A Pulp Art Mind-Blowing Experience While I was in Ohio for three weeks in April, John…

Fantasy Creatures


Words: 8136 (33 pages)

Starting with A A Bao A Qu (Malay) – An entity that lives in the Tower of Victory in Chitor. Aatxe (Basque) – A spirit that takes the form of a bull. Abassy (Yakuts) – Demons that have teeth of iron. Abada (African) – Small type of unicorn reported to live in the lands of the African Congo. Abada (Tatar)…

Why Do Unicorns Have Wings?


Words: 455 (2 pages)

One day a long, long time ago, a beautiful white horse came trotting through the wood that lead to a marvelous rainbow waterfall. When a flash of beautiful colors caught her eye. Then, the white horse looked more carefully and she realized that it was a Rainbow Bird, gliding over the Rainbow Lake that had…

White Fantasy Black Fact by Jack Davis


Words: 1157 (5 pages)

An Afternoon with Colonialism An Essay on “White Fantasy-Black Fact” ! Europe’s necessity to expand its reign of in? uence and create more room for its growing population marks the start of settler colonialism. In Jack Davis? s “White-Fantasy-Black Fact” we follow an Australian aboriginal family who faces the harsh realities of persecution created by…

Harry Potter Interesting Story About Lonely Boy

Harry Potter

Words: 538 (3 pages)

Harry Potter is the most miserable, lonely boy you can imagine. He’s shunned by his relatives, the Dursley’s, that have raised him since he was an infant. He’s forced to live in the cupboard under the stairs, forced to wear his cousin Dudley’s hand-me-down clothes, and forced to go to his neighbour’s house when the…

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Sample

Harry Potter

Words: 2481 (10 pages)

Ms. Rowling lives in Edinburgh with her girl.III. Synopsis ( Summary )Before the start of the novel. Voldemort. considered the most evil and powerful dark ace in history. putting to deaths Harry’s parents but cryptically vanishes after seeking to kill the baby Harry. While the wizarding universe celebrates Voldemort’s ruin. Professor Dumbledore. Professor McGonagall and…

Analysis Of Harry Potter And The Technology Of Magic

Harry Potter

Words: 1045 (5 pages)

Analysis of “Harry Potter and the Technology of Magic” Elizabeth Tear wrote an essay about the Harry Potter books being about more than Just a young wizard going off to Hogwash’s. In her essay which was published in The Ivory Tower and Harry Potter: The Perspectives on a Literary Phenomenon, Tear tries to convince her…

Harry Potter Argumentation

Harry Potter

Words: 709 (3 pages)

The Harry Potter series has caused problems throughout the nation. These problems have caused riots, book burning, negative sermons, and book banning. A way to solve these issues will be clearly defined at the end of this essay. Harry Potter has had a massive social Impact throughout the world. Since 1 997, the rapid widespread…

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