A Rose For Emily: What Goes Around Comes Around

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The short story “A Rose For Emily” by William Faulkner showcases the concept of karma. Miss Emily Grierson, the main character, remains oblivious to why people view her a certain way and why others act strangely around her. I strongly believe that this is mainly due to her father’s influence and how he treated her while she was growing up.

The story briefly mentioned the father, portraying him as a somewhat controlling person. It described a picture in the house depicting Miss Emily and her father standing together in the doorway. In the picture, Miss Emily was placed in the background while her father took the forefront, wielding a whip. This imagery appears to be quite intimidating and suggestive of control. In some instances, a whip is used to maintain control over both situations and individuals. Additionally, it was revealed that the father never deemed anyone suitable for his daughter, further illustrating his controlling nature.

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Mr. Grierson consistently discouraged young men visiting the house to see Miss Emily, and her father never bothered assessing their suitability. According to the story, the Griersons held an elevated opinion of themselves compared to other townspeople.

Miss Emily’s behavior towards the public was greatly influenced by her controlling father. This caused her to lack sociability, except for when she taught china painting. Her upbringing instilled in her a belief that she was superior to others, contributing to this lack of social skills. Growing up under her father’s control prevented Miss Emily from being able to interact with people normally. Additionally, she made the notable decision of choosing a partner against the wishes of others.

The general consensus was that Homer Barron was not the man Miss Emily loved. This disagreement stemmed from his status as a Yankee, as well as his physical attributes – being a big and dark man with a deep voice and lighter eyes in comparison to his complexion (32). The story presents Miss Emily and Homer as complete opposites who are deemed unsuitable for each other. However, the Grierson family disapproved of their relationship primarily due to Homer’s lower social class. Miss Emily had to take into consideration the opinions of those around her while pursuing her love for Homer. As she had been accustomed to her father making most of her decisions during his lifetime, she struggled with choosing the right partner who truly fulfilled her needs. It is important to acknowledge that viewing situations from others’ perspectives can greatly impact one’s perception of them.

Miss Emily was influenced by her father to believe she was superior to others, affecting how she behaved around people. Her feelings of self-importance were also heightened by her relationship with Homer and the constant public attention. In my opinion, her father’s influence played the biggest role in shaping her behavior and beliefs.

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