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Primary Health Care Sample

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Health-a province of complete physical. mental and societal wellbeing-not needfully the absence of disease or frailty-successful defence of the host against forces be givening to upset organic structure equilibrium -many productive and utile members of the society have disease or frailty

PUBLIC HEALTH-art and scientific discipline of forestalling disease-the organized and systematized attack to the proviso of wellness services

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Primary Health Care Sample
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PRIMARY HEALTH CARE-is indispensable wellness attention based on PRACTICAL. SCIENTIFICALLY SOUND and SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE methods and engineering – made universally accessible to persons and households in the community through their full engagement -at a cost.

the community and state can afford to keep at every phase of their development in the spirit of autonomy and self-government -is an attack to wellness development

-carried out through a set of activities-ultimate purpose is the uninterrupted betterment and care of wellness position of the community -envisages that the community will specify its ain wellness jobs and demands and devise and transport out plans or activities to work out them.

-in partnership with authorities and private sector.

WHAT MUST PHC PROVIDE?-Essential wellness attention which is:1. community-based2. accessible3. acceptable4. sustainable at a cost which the community and the authorities can afford 5. participatory with the overall socio-economic development

WHY PHC?– Despite the fielding of accoucheuses to function the wellness demands of distant rural countries. 33 % of rural population is still UNDERSERVED and UNSERVED. – Situation is aggravated by:1. Poverty2. Increasing population3. Uncertain supply and lifting costs of fuel4. Increasing monetary values of basic trade goods5. Crowded and unequal shelter6. Limited and unevenly distributed wellness resources7. High cost of medical attention and deficiency of basic wellness cognition.

Elementss of PHCE- EducationL- Local/endemic disease controlE- Expanded plan of immunisationM- maternal and kid attention and Family PlanningE- Essential drugsN- NutritionT- Technology TransferS- Sanitation

Schemes:-partnership between authorities and private-integration of preventative and healing-linkage with other sector-use of small town wellness workers-cooperation with traditional medical system-community forming

Health-not a consequence of medical intercession

SOCIO-ECONOMIC STRUCTURE-from one characterized by unfairnesss and double economic system to one characterizedby equality and greater distribution of wealth

Development-not measured by investings on substructures but by the quality of people’s lives

INDICATORS of HEALTH DEVELOPMENT IN PHC-proportion of population with entree to basic wellness services -existence of active community organisation for wellness-level of community autonomy in wellness-reduction of demands for healing attention

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