Problems of Living in Karachi City

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Karachi being the heart of the country and the financial hub of Pakistan generating more than 70 percent of revenue for the state is the largest city of Pakistan. It, along with its citizens face a number of problems as all the big cities of the world do and so do their citizens. In one of the most developed city of Pakistan containing a whole lot of industries the life of a common man is very fast, involving a lot of problems and one has to face these problems committedly.

In order to solve them as soon as possible and if one doesn’t the problems will keep on multiplying and all of a sudden he will be surrounded by a lot of them. We, being the citizens of Karachi face a lot of problems which include the problem of water supply, transportation and above all the worst law and order situation of the city. Water is one of the primary needs of human beings. Unfortunately the availability of this essential requirement is not sufficient to entertain and fulfill the needs of this city of more than twenty million people.

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This problem becomes even brutal in summer season. Government has to take necessary steps to solve this problem as the quantity of water is enough for the people, the problem is just in its supply. In some areas a large amount of water is wasted whereas in others people even struggle to diminish their thirst. Moreover, water tanker mafia is another cause of shortage of water in Karachi.

It earns billions annually, it steals about major percentage of the water from the city’s bulk distribution system every day and then sells it at excessive rates to residents and industries suffering from the water shortage that is largely caused by the activities of the water tanker mafia itself. Karachi is a vastly spread unplanned city and its area keep on increasing. To reach from one area to another is not a child’s play here. The traffic situation in Karachi is getting worse day by day.

On one hand the vehicles are increasing exponentially and on the other the condition of roads is getting worse all over Karachi and these roads are mostly seen to be occupied by traffic jams. Over speeding, overtaking, cutting signals, jumping lanes are usual practices. The main reason in my opinion for this is the lack of civic sense in drivers. They are either unaware of the traffic rules or simply do not bother following them. Encroachment is also one of the major reasons of the traffic jams in Karachi. It started from the service roads then it came to footpaths and now most of the main roads are encroached.

Pakistan is going through probably the worst and the most difficult era in the history of the country. The security situation is getting worse continuously, the country is challenged by mounting Islamic militancy (TALIBAN) and terrorism, which already caused thousands of deaths. In Karachi, the terrorism is in various forms like target killing, extortion money and kidnapping for ransom. Target killing in Karachi is always on the rise, with police and Rangers watching the ever worsening situation as mare spectators.

It appears that they can’t find any clues of the forces behind these horrible crimes. . Basically, target killing is done on the political party basis in which innocent people suffer in most cases. Another crime which rose in last few years is extortion, in which criminals threat people particularly businessmen of their lives and force them to pay a specific amount of money. They throw grenades on shops to threaten them. These criminals even kidnap leading businessmen and force their families to pay millions of rupees as ransom.

Thus, in the shadow of above problems, we have to think that a life in Karachi possesses many difficulties, and we karachiits have to face all these problems with courage and confidence. Through the determined and joint efforts of each and every citizen including the members of law and enforcement and ruling agencies, we can overcome and solve our problems. Our life could become easier and pleasant if some of these problems are solved by the government, keeping in mind the future prospects and scenarios of the city so our next generations do not come across the same problems that we are facing today.

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