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Protection and Freedom in “Saturday Climbing”

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  • Pages 2
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    Protection versus freedom is a very controversial topic. As humans beings, understand such case. Those who are young tend to crave freedom, searching for where they belong, wanting to make their own decisions. Adults, on the other hand, have bad experiences in which they do not want those younger than them to experience. In the story “Saturday Climbing” by valgardson, the author is suggesting that ones feelings for protectiveness may overwhelm another’s freedom.

    This is exemplified through the relationship between Barry and Moria, and through my past experiences. Accordingly, throughout the story, we see many conflicts between Barry and Moria. We first learn of their disunity when Barry thought to himself: “In attempt to heal a rift caused by an argument over her going away to college – She was two years ahead of herself in school and, therefore, in spite of being in grade 12 was only 16…” The quote demonstrates Barry’s belief that Moria was too irresponsible and young to venture on her own.

    I understand how Moria would feel in her situation because I have experienced what she has, but to a lower extent. When I was 14 years old, I had always wanted to go to my friend’s house or cousin’s house by myself. Sadly, my mom would turn down my proposal, and would say things like, “Take your brother with you” or, “You’re no allowed to go alone. ” I know that I wanted to have the freedom to go where I wanted, like Moria did, but were limited by our parent’s protectiveness. Having such protection limits one way children learn, which is through experience.

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