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Provide an Analysis of the UK Brewing Industry Essay

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The universe ‘s economic system is confronting so much recession presents. The of all time increasing population, the end point encouragement to the demands, the lessening of the beginnings, the end point rise in rising prices every bit good as other external and natural factors are doing mayhem to the international markets. Brewing industry is the 1 that has been affected from this downfall the most. Bing regarded as a luxury and wastage of needful money, many people are flinging its ingestion.

To add to it, anti-addiction bureaus across the universe are seeking their best to do people believe that intoxicant ingestion will do their wellness, senses and themselves great loss. Further, the authoritiess are bear downing more and more revenue enhancements on this industry to modulate the pecuniary crisis. UK beer industry is no exclusion at all, and has been confronting sheer autumn today.

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Provide an Analysis of the UK Brewing Industry
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UK Beer Industry

Beer is called the national drink of UK. However, the present statistics have reported that beer ingestion has decreased in UK by 3.

1 % in last 12 months ( BBPA, 2008, p. 3 ) . This decrease in the beer use is doing UK brewing industries to downsize, and even near, the brewing mills. There are a figure of cardinal factors that are doing such lessening which can be divided under the undermentioned classs: alteration in tendencies and fiscal issues.

Factors impacting UK beer industry

Change of tendencies

The alteration in tendencies has besides affected the rate of beer ingestion in UK. “ Since 1979, per capita ingestion of beer has fallen by 33 per cent ” ( BBPA, 2008, p.3 ) . Harmonizing to an approximative ratio “ work forces fell from 17.2 units a hebdomad in 1998 to 14.9 in 2006. By adult females, it fell from 6.5 units to 6.3, holding been at 7.6 in 2002 ” ( BBPA, 2008, p. 8 ) . The grounds for such a drastic autumn to the brewing industries include:

Introduction of Carbonated and Soft Drinks

The alteration in people ‘s gustatory sensation is a major lending factor in the low gross revenues of the beers today. It used to be a chief drink a century ago, but today the debut of sodium carbonates, assorted juices and drinks have lessened its appeal and popularity.

Demographic Shift

The migration and colony of people from all over the universe in UK can besides be regarded an of import factor in take downing the beer ingestion rates. Particularly the colony of people following faiths like Islam which forbid the intoxicant use purely has caused the demand of the alcoholic drinks to diminish.


The prohibition on the imbibing of intoxicant in the working environment, particularly while going, is besides impacting the sale of beer. Though there are toasts raised and vinos served in societal assemblages and concern parties, but the mean lessening is rather outstanding. Peoples prefer to stay in their senses for which they tend to avoid much beer.

Health Consciousness

The addition in the wellness consciousness is besides doing people to avoid imbibing intoxicant. It is further promoted by anti drug bureaus and dieticians who regard intoxicant imbibing as a thing that non merely affects one ‘s fiscal beginnings, one ‘s senses, but besides one ‘s beauty. The new diet programs do non include beer or vino at all.

Fiscal issues

Other than the altering tendencies, fiscal issues are the macro factors impacting the brewing industry severely. Peoples have found things more of import to purchase than a pint of beer. It has become a luxury today and the new policies of authorities are adding to these issues more and more. These basic factors include:

Rise in Monetary values of Beer

The most of import factor in this respect is the changeless rise in the monetary value of beers. Bread and other comestibles are cheaper than beer, and that is why people prefer to purchase other things than intoxicant. Commenting upon this uninterrupted rise in the monetary values of beer in UK, Hammond argues, “ ?6.50 for a loaf of staff of life, ?7 for a bag of pasta and ?18 for a pint of lager – this is what the future looks like in Britain if we do n’t forestall unsafe clime alteration ” ( Greenbang, 2009 ) .

Now the inquiry arises, why the brewing companies are increasing monetary values cognizing that this will diminish their client base? The reply to it lies in the increasing revenue enhancement and excise responsibilities implemented by the authorities on beers ( Heimbuch, 2008, .


Harmonizing to a study, the per centum of unemployment in developed states is 2.5. With this much figure of the people idle, who will desire to pass on a pint of beer than necessities of life. Therefore, the sale of beer is diminishing with the increasing rate of unemployment.

Rising Inflation

The rise in the monetary values of other things is besides doing a lessening in the demand of beers, as people need to purchase their day-to-day necessities before disbursement on luxury. Obviously beer can non be replaced by staff of life in any instance.


To sum up, UK beer industry is confronting downfall due to fiscal crisis chiefly. The rise in the ration of unemployment, the rise in monetary value of beers and other necessities of life, the newer tendencies towards wellness consciousness, prohibition on intoxicant ingestion while going, and migration of alcohol-prohibited people are doing brewing industries to close down.

Five forces analysis

Porter ‘s Five Forces analysis is carried out to find whether a certain market/industry holds possible for a company that is make up one’s minding to come in it. It is hence, carried out to find the structural attraction of an industry and besides to find whether it allows a company to suit in the industry or non. The structural attraction of an industry is verified by a set of five forces as mentioned by Porter that are the barriers in an industry that exist to forestall new entrants into the market, the bargaining power that purchasers exercise over providers, the strength competition between bing rivals, force per unit areas that providers put on purchasers in footings of bargaining powers and the menaces posed by the replacements of the merchandises in the specific industry. A comprehensive analysis of the competitory environment of UK ‘s beer industry is presented below utilizing Porter ‘s Five Forces analysis.

Dickering Power of Buyers

The beer industry of UK is sing a higher bargaining power of purchasers as more and more people have switched from beer and therefore really few consumers are left in the market. This has besides happened because the industry is confronting low shift costs and purchasers find it easily now to exchange from beer to other replacements. An addition in the bargaining power can besides be attributed to the standardisation of the merchandise as beer is non, and can non be, differentiated much from its replacements.

Dickering Power of Suppliers

It would non be incorrect to propose that the providers of beer have besides faced a lessening in the power to deal. Despite many participants of the industry go outing the sphere, the bing providers can non keep a strong manus over the consumers. The chief ground behind the inability to increase monetary values to increase profitableness is the overall addition in monetary values ensuing from authorities revenue enhancements. This has already caused many consumers to exchange to replacements and any farther addition in monetary value would make nil but to do a greater diminution in the figure of consumers and therefore farther deteriorate profitableness degrees. Beer itself is non much of a differentiated merchandise and therefore providers are unable to bear down consumers exceptionally high for it. A resulting lessening in the shift costs of beer has worsened the conditions of the industry and has minimized the bargaining power of purchasers.

Existing Competition

The beer industry of UK is confronting a high strength of competition among rivals as these rivals are now contending to derive a larger portion of the of all time shriveling profitableness pool as the industry is now in the worsening phase of the life rhythm. The bing participants in the market will make every possible thing to stub any company come ining into the industry to forestall sharing of net incomes. The chief participants of the industry are about equal in footings of strength and period of being in market and will therefore pose serious menaces to new entrants. The bing challengers face cut-throat competition from each other as they all fight to derive a greater portion of the market.

Barriers to Entry

UK ‘s beer industry presents high barriers to entry for any company that wishes to come in the market of UK. The limitations are majorly imposed by the authorities as it has levied higher revenue enhancements and regulative costs on beer that have made it more dearly-won for providers and therefore lead to an overall high monetary value of beer. The barriers are high besides because bing breweries enjoy important economic systems of graduated table as they are well-established and have been brewing beer over a considerable period that allows them to minimise their costs that is they enjoy cost advantages that are independent of graduated table of production. Customers and concerns that buy beer from these breweries have developed trueness to their trade names and therefore are non willing to buy beer manufactured by a new brewery.

The Brewing industry of UK has besides faced important beads in the net income borders as the authorities ‘s revenue enhancements and ordinances have reduced the net income border well. The autumn in net incomes besides acts as a barrier to entry as breweries would prefer non to come in a market that promises really small net income. Lower profitableness has besides resulted due to a considerable autumn in the ingestion of alcoholic drinks by both males and females. A hiking in the monetary values of stuffs required for brewing is besides holding a negative consequence on breweries sing UK as their new market.

Handiness of Substitutes

Substitutes are classified into three classs viz. close replacements, distant replacements and non-usage of the merchandise. Analysis of all three types of replacements is given in item as follows along with an analysis of the effects of these replacements.

Near Substitutes

Close replacements of beer comprise of non-alcoholic beers, spirit classs such as vodka, gin and rum ( BBC, 2007 ) , cyder and vino. An overall addition in the figure of people switching to these replacements over the past few old ages has resulted in impairment and therefore the lessening in net incomes for the beer industry. This renders the industry unattractive for breweries as the beer industry is invariably confronting a lessening in the figure of consumers who are switching to replacements of beer and therefore diminishing the profitableness pie of the said industry.

Distant Substitutes

An addition in the consciousness about the cons of intoxicant ingestion has led to a displacement from alcoholic drinks to soft drinks. Soft drinks, every bit good as, fruit juices are traveling to go close replacements for beer in the hereafter as the of all time increasing attempts of intoxicant rehabilitation centres increases ensuing in the rise of more consciousness and wellness concern among beer consumers.

Non-usage of Merchandise

It is evident from the overall tendencies of beer ingestion that the industry is traveling to confront a immense diminution in the demand for beer in close hereafter. This, as mentioned earlier, will be greatly due to the hiking in monetary values of beer, lessening in buying power of purchasers, greater consciousness among consumers and the addition in promotional attempts of beer ‘s stopping point and distant replacements ( Dinkhoff, 2007 ) .

The demand for beer is monetary value elastic. The increasing monetary values of beer have, hence, resulted in a diminution in the demand for beer. This is largely because consumers deem it more appropriate to pass money on more necessities than to blow it on beer. An addition in consciousness about the inauspicious effects of intoxicant ingestion has besides led to a lessening in the exchanging cost of beer as consumers now find it easier to turn to replacements. Lower shift costs have besides resulted from an addition in the promotional attempts of companies that produce beer ‘s replacements and the alteration in the manner that depicts imbibing non-alcoholic drinks as more stylish ( Dinkoff, 2007 ) .

Strategic waies chosen by Adnam


The present UK brewing industry is confronting a great diminution due to economical and societal factors. The monetary values of beer along with every other thing have raised a batch and the people prefer to carry through their other demands before a pint of beer. The authorities is suggesting more and more revenue enhancements on each pint that is non merely doing brewing industries a batch, the sale is besides diminishing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. As a consequence, UK brewing industries and saloons are shuting on a regular footing. Harmonizing to the study of BBPA, “ From 2000 to 2005, saloons were shuting at a rate of two per weekaˆ¦This has now accelerated to 35 per hebdomad ” ( 2008, p. 6 ) . This retrenchment is doing people to lose their occupations and happening other agencies to gain their staff of lifes. In such a bad clip for beer makers, Adnams has managed to remain integral and comfortable by presenting assorted radical schemes.

Adnams: Company Profile

Adnams PLC is a regional brewery company of the Great Britain. George and Ernest Adnams had founded it in 1890 in Southwold, Suffolk, England. The company largely produces barrel ale and pasteurised bottles of beers. Its production is up to 85,000 barrels a twelvemonth. The constitution of the Copper House Distillery in 2010 has started the production of vodka, gin and whiskey. The company is doing new alterations to do its sale and concern more and more progressive each twenty-four hours.

Adnams: Annually Advancement

The one-year advancement of Adnams is rather impressive.

Adnams: Business Schemes

It is said that the strength of Adnams lies in its radical and alone concern schemes that indicate the presence of intelligent heads behind it. The eco-friendliness, pub-promotion and support trades and the comparatively inexpensive rates are all that make Adnams a name good desired. The luck doing schemes adopted by Adnams are as follows:

Social Tag

Adnams loves to bear societal ticket upon its name. It contributes into assorted societal activities to do its presence acknowledge and appreciated. Furthermore, it besides




Online Sale and Promotion

Internal Financial Control

It arranges Tourss to brewery, holds events and invests into assorted national plans to counterbalance the authorities revenue enhancements.

There are legion astonishing schemes that have made Adnams ‘ name IS that of person trusted and liked all over the state.


“ Bing a responsible concern is a precedence for Adnams and the company steadfastly believes that a little investing of clip and resources into ‘doing things right ‘ can do a important impact, ensuing in better relationships with the local community, providers and employees. ” ( Green Marketing Conference 2010 )

“ The balance of strategic way with practical direction has established Adnams online as a cardinal subscriber to the commercial success of Adnams Retail. ” ( Andy Wood, Managing Director Adnams PLC )

“ As a consequence our online public presentation has improved markedly. Online gross revenues of vino and gifts have increased by 20 % and visits to the site are up by 90 % ” .

Forming events: race “ All smugglers receive a free bottle of Adnams beer for taking portion. ” ( Howard, 2010 )

Buying portions in other things to minimise the fiscal demands

Investing in other programs to contend the effects of authorities revenue enhancements and to avoid rise in monetary value

Partnership Agreement

Close cooperation with saloons: “ We meet them on a regular basis to discourse what ‘s go oning in their concern and offer advice, preparation and support. Recently we conducted a study to estimate sentiments on more general issues. ” ( 2009 )

Internal fiscal control

The Board acknowledges its duty for keeping a system of internal control which can supply sensible, albeit non absolute, confidence against mis-statement or loss. To run into this duty, the Board relies upon:

an administration construction with clearly defined lines of authorization and duty, bounds for mandate of minutess and segregation of responsibilities

the production and reappraisal of regular monthly direction information to hold timescales

the designation of cardinal public presentation indexs with accounts of discrepancies

a formalistic procedure for reexamining all company activities during the twelvemonth

elaborate one-year runing budgets for all concerns

Formal mandate processs for all investing and capital outgo.

The Audit Committee considers that the system of internal fiscal control operated efficaciously during the twelvemonth.

Directors ‘ duties in regard of the histories. The managers are responsible for fixing the one-year study and the fiscal statements in conformity with applicable jurisprudence and ordinances.

Company jurisprudence requires the managers to fix fiscal statements for each fiscal twelvemonth. Under that jurisprudence the managers have elected to fix fiscal statements in conformity with United Kingdom Accounting Standards ( United Kingdom Generally Accepted Accounting Practice ) . The fiscal statements are required by jurisprudence to give a true and just position of the province of personal businesss of the company and of the net income or loss of the company for that period. In fixing these fiscal statements, the managers are required to:

select suited accounting policies and so use them systematically

brand judgements and estimations that are sensible and prudent

province whether applicable UK Accounting Standards have been followed, capable to any stuff goings disclosed and explained in the fiscal statements

Fix the fiscal statements on the traveling concern footing unless it is inappropriate to assume that the company will go on in the concern.

The managers are responsible for maintaining equal accounting records that unwrap with sensible truth at any clip the fiscal place of the company and enable them to guarantee that the fiscal statements comply with the Companies Act 2006. They are besides responsible for safeguarding the assets of the company and hence for taking sensible stairss for the bar and sensing of fraud and other abnormalities.

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