Public Bathrooms and Social Justice

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For ages the LGBTQ+ community have been fighting for human rights. The trans community has especially had issues in this category. People refuse to use the correct pronouns and are even making it so they can’t use their preferred public bathroom.

The trans bathroom debate has been going on for years. Many people are afraid that people who aren’t trans will fake being trans to peep on them in the bathrooms. This is a valid concern, but the states who have said that trans people can use their favored bathrooms have reported less harassment than the states who haven’t. The states with the law against transgenders using the bathroom they feel most comfortable with states that people must use the bathroom that corresponds to their birth certificate. Almost fifteen states have considered the birth certificate rule but none of the laws have passed. In 2017 the birth certificate law was repealed and trans people could use the bathroom of their choice. In February of 2018 laws to limit bathroom access have been introduced to nineteen state legislatures with Texas being one of them.

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I hate this discriminatory law. I don’t believe it’s right. I believe that people should use whichever bathroom they’re comfortable with. I don’t get why the LGBTQ+ are facing so many issues. We’re people just like everyone else. My parents are really transphobic and so I understand the reasons people have for hating the LGBTQ+, but I don’t see why we pull our hatred for something together and destroy people’s lives over it. My parents won’t use the preferred pronouns for people and believe they have issues if they are trans. If you’re gay, bi, or like people of the same gender my parents are fine with it. Look at me they still love me after I came out. They don’t treat trans people like people though. They treat them like issues that need to be fixed. It’s been hard growing up in that kind of environment since I support the LGBTQ+ and I’m questioning my gender and sexuality at the moment.

I understand both side of the story so it’s hard to make a decision on things. All I know for sure is that the whole bathroom debacle is ridiculous. Just let people do whatever makes them comfortable. If it doesn’t hurt anyone it isn’t bad. Trans people won’t peep on people or harm anyone by using the bathroom they prefer. Keeping trans people from doing so can seriously hurt their mental health. My cousin talked to me about being trans and he said you feel like you want to rip your skin off everyday. He said that every reminder of the fact that you’re in the wrong body kills you a little more inside. He can’t wait to be sixteen because then his mom will let him start testosterone. Trans people have the issue of hating their body, not for its size, but for the parts that society uses to define your gender. It doesn’t hurt anyone if they use the prefered bathroom so I say we just let them use it.

In conclusion, the trans bathroom debate is still going on, but it’s calmed down. The trans community is still fighting to be treated like normal people. The entire LGBTQ+ community is fighting for that right. Let’s look to the future and hope that the community finally gets the respect it deserves.

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