Why Does Poseidon Hate Odysseus?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Poseidon hates Odysseus because he blinded Polyphemus, one of Poseidon's sons. Also, Odysseus refused to sacrifice to Poseidon before leaving Troy, which angered the god.
Detailed answer:

God of the sea Poseidon hated Odysseus for blinding his son Polyphemus, who was also a cyclops.

Poseidon was one of the twelve Olympians in Greek mythology. He was associated with horses, earthquakes and floods, as well as being a patron of sailors and fisherman. He was also known as “Earth-Shaker” because of his ability to cause earthquakes.

Poseidon was one of three sons born to Cronus and Rhea: Zeus (king of the gods), Hades (lord of the underworld), and Poseidon (god of the sea). His brothers Zeus and Hades were both jealous when Cronus gave birth to their youngest brother, Poseidon, because he was born from a male organ instead of female organs like all humans are supposed to be born from according to Greek myths at that time in history. The ancient Greeks believed that Poseidon could control everything that happened at sea — even ships going on voyages would stop at an island called Proserpine (or Circe) where they would leave offerings in order to ensure safe passage across the ocean without interference from Poseidon or any other gods or goddesses who might be angered by their presence near their home island or city-state.

He created horses by letting them fall from the sky onto earth when he struck it with his trident. He was married to the sea nymph Amphitrite and had many children including the Cyclopes and Polyphemus (who was blinded by Odysseus). One of Poseidon’s most famous myths is the story of the Trojan War where he sided with the Greeks against Troy during their war against Paris and Helen. Another famous story involving Poseidon is when he entered into a contest with Athena over who would become patron deity of Athens; while Athena won by giving her name to Athens’ city walls (the Parthenon), Poseidon struck down two prominent hills which had been named after him by earlier generations but which now bore her name instead. For this reason, some scholars believe that this myth reflects an attempt by Athenian aesthetes to distance themselves. The reason why Poseidon hates Odysseus is because he blinded Polyphemus, one of Poseidon’s sons. Also, Odysseus refused to sacrifice to Poseidon before leaving Troy, which angered the god.

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