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Qualitative Research Methods: Assignment

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Instructors, please note: Questions 1-8 are most appropriate prior to course session 9; the other questions are most appropriate toward the end of the semester. ) 1. What is the author’s primary research question? 2. Name two assumptions that this study is based on. 3. Defend why the author feels that qualitative methods were the most appropriate to study this issue. 4. In the field of social work, investigations into the use of agency-initiated services have been rare. Those that are, are not focused on the point of view of to which this stud’s data is limited.

The A. Client B. Agency

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Qualitative Research Methods: Assignment
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C. Worker D. Supervisor 5. The methodological approach of this study could be described as: A. Tenth scientific B. Intensive interview C. Qualitative D. All of the above 6. Interviews covered all of the following domains except: A. Client skill and functioning B. Worker/service factors C. Children’s skill and functioning D. Client beliefs 7. “Fit” was conceptually defined as: A. Clients’ perceptions of need B.

The degree of match between clients’ preconceived expectations of the program and the reality of the program C. How well the program fit the clients’ time schedules D. A&B 8.

Clients’ concerns regarding program efficacy can be addressed on a global level through what type of research by social workers? A single subject design B. Program evaluation C. Cost-benefit analysis D. Experimental research 9. Name the five themes that emerged from the qualitative data analyses in this investigation. 10. Assuming you are a child welfare practitioner, choose one of the themes found in the analysis and give an example of a way in which you may alter your practice because of this finding. 11. All of the following were identified by clients as potential costs, except: A. Potential retribution from child welfare

B. Loss of privacy C. Financial costs D. Costs to children 12. Which clients were found to have higher locus of control? A. Reluctant acceptors and ambivalent decliners B. Pure acceptors and decliners C. Ambivalent decliners D. Pure acceptors 13. A practice suggested for use with all potential clients’ themes involves reinforcing that it is the client’s choice whether he/she accepts or declines services. A. True B. False 14. As a practicing social worker who works in an area other than child welfare, what’s a message you take away from these findings that may somehow alter or influence the way you practice?

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