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Qualitative research

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            Trochim (2006) defines a qualitative approach as a general way of reasoning in qualitative research. It describes the reason for conducting the research, duties of the researcher, stages in the study and the data analysis techniques used. The four approaches are ethnography, phenomenology, field research and finally the grounded theory. When carrying out qualitative research, one needs a theoretical frame that sheds light on the expected findings. A theoretical framework refers to interrelated concepts put together to guide the researcher in coming up with what one is required to measure and the statistical analysis used.

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Qualitative research
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The two ways of reasoning in research are the inductive and the reductive reasoning. Inductive is used in qualitative while deductive is for quantitative research.

Ways of Conducting Research Studies

To find out the people’s opinion on medical insurance, I will use the phenomenology technique. Trochim (2006) describes it as a way of defining the subjective truth of an occurrence as it appears to the study population.

Data will be collected through random in-depth interviews I will conduct on the streets so as to target a wider population. Purposive non-probability sampling will be applied so as to target a larger population and create a higher chance of interviewing people from different backgrounds. To avoid biased results inductive frame will apply here.

            The best method for the ambulance police is the grounded theory method. Their job description is more or less the same, so details from a few of them will represent the rest of the population. The sampling approach will be snowball sampling, under purposive non-probability sampling since Trochim (2006) describes it as a way to help trace other professionals. I will spend time with each of the ambulance police as they work (direct observation) as I conduct in-depth interviews regarding their job so as to collect data. Inductive frame will be used as this is a qualitative research.

            To study how young females survive on the streets, first hand information is required. The method best suited for this other than the field research method. I intend to conduct personal interviews because collecting data from ones with no experience will be unreliable. Stratified random sampling; a type of probability method, will be used as it ensures that key subsets of the overall population will be represented and it is statistically precise. Data will be collected from the personal in-depth interviews, and stored in a diary. I will capture the same and more on video tapes and camera so I can have a hard copy (Trochim, 2006). Inductive reasoning will be used since there a pre-conceived notion about the hardships on the streets.


Trochim, W M K 2006, The Research Methods Knowledge Base, 2nd edn, Atomic Dog Publishing, Cincinnati, OH. [Online] Available http://www.socialresearchmethods.net/kb/ (Accessed August 5, 2010).

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