Qualities of a Good Manager

Managing an organization is not an easy job. There are so many intricacies associated with operating an organization in a healthy manner. The person managing the organization, that is the manager, must have certain qualities. The manager should be competent enough in order to handle complexities arising during various functions of the organization.

However, it is very difficult to identify a measure of manager being good or bad. Sometimes it can be hard to quantify exactly why that person is a good manager, but many times those effective supervisors are easily identified” (Pheifer, n. d. ). Nevertheless, the three major qualities of a good manager include excellent leadership qualities, organizing qualities and decision making qualities.

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The most essential quality that a manager must have is the leadership ability. Good managers should possess the qualities of a good leader. They should be able to properly influence their staff towards defined outcomes. Moreover, they should motivate their employees through use of rewards, benefits and so on. In other words, a manager must be able to harmonize the personal goals of each individual staff that is to earn money with the overall objectives of the organization so that every staff contributes to the goal achievement of the organization as a whole. In addition, good managers should exhibit extraordinary organizing qualities.

Organizing refers to setting up an organizational hierarchy and assigning authority and responsibility to each staff. They should carefully assign job responsibilities as well as delegate authority to fulfill the job responsibilities. The manager should also be able to coordinate the activities of all the staff towards achieving a common goal. They need to be a good organizer. Finally, good managers should also be a good decision maker. Managing the organization involves a series of decision making process.

They have to make many short term as well as long term decisions like procuring materials, acquiring human resources, capital budgeting decisions, capital structuring decisions etc. Some decisions are such that managers have to follow the participative approach. Pheifer (n. d. ) states that a person, to be a good manager, should be able to generate an environment of open discussion considering his confidence to make tough decision, which may be popular or not. All in all, good managers must possess traits of a good leader, good organizer and a good decision maker.

They need to win hearts of their staffs and lead them towards desired outcomes, properly assign job responsibilities and authority, and take crucial decisions with employee participation. The long run operation of the organization is ensured if a manager is well equipped with those qualities.


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