Queer Theory Analysis on I’m Tired of the Seduction of Boys

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Through gay/lesbian/queer literature, the gay community has used it as a means to advocate for equality and affirm their beliefs. The poem features a main character or speaker whose identity is deliberately ambiguous, highlighting the commonality of human experiences regardless of gender. It underscores the idea that one’s value as an individual should not be dictated by their sexual orientation, emphasizing the importance of respect within the community.

In the poem, the author extensively discusses the unclean nature of boys, depicting them in a sensual manner that resembles pigs or similar beings, creating an ironic and contrasting effect. The later sections delve into the sensations of sex and the character’s desire to reverse roles, contemplating the possibility of being the one to seduce the boys instead of being seduced by them. The closing lines, “and do the seducing for a little, spare change”, evoke unsettling feelings. While there may be some ambiguity, it appears that the reference to “spare change” pertains not to the character’s role reversal but rather literal money.

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If the poem truly revolved around prostitution, it would be more coherent. It suggests that the character may not necessarily be female, but could instead be a man. It is likely that the poem explores prostitution among men or even prostitution in general, which despite being illegal, is widespread in our country. The author sheds light on an aspect of male prostitution that often goes unseen.

The person’s strong character and desire to change their position and be in control is emphasized by the words “spare change.” This phrase has a literal meaning of the amount of money they earn, but also symbolizes a reversal of position. The character experiences pain and describes it as hearing the rush of blood and feeling a throbbing erection.

“Despite the main character’s aversion to the activity, he is compelled to participate in it due to his circumstances, shedding light on the desperation of individuals who will do whatever it takes to get through their daily lives. At one point, he even discovers some pleasure in it, likening the experience to the sweet taste of bubblegum dreams. However, this enjoyment is fleeting. Prostitutes may not have a genuine passion for their profession, but they are coerced into embracing it for survival.”

Prostitution is often the most financially lucrative profession, unless one is involved in illegal drug activities. The purpose of the poem is to educate and advocate for fairness. Although it may seem insignificant, treating individuals based on their value is crucial. Society has imperfections and should avoid mocking or ridiculing marginalized communities like gays, lesbians, transgender individuals, or others.

People with disabilities are just like everyone else; they encounter obstacles, have aspirations, and experience emotions.

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