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Raw Intellectual Ability

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Composition II, MWF 11:00-11:30am
16 April 2013
Raw Intellectual Ability
My Response
You would think the four year college degree is the beginning of knowledge, this may not be so for some people. In this response to an article I hope to add some information as to why the conclusion of the lead essay to Charles Murray on his, “Down with the Four-Year College Degree!” is very intriguing and personally, inconsistent. This will be seen as I point out some insights to what I was thinking when I read the article.

This is the last paragraph of an article that was written by Charles Murray on October 6, 2008. In his lead essay, he wrote that he believes a four year college degree is ridiculous for most people but okay for those few students who are trying to get a liberal education.
“Here’s the reality: Everyone in every occupation starts as an apprentice. Those who are good enough become journeymen. The best become master craftsmen.

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Raw Intellectual Ability
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This is as true of history professors and business executives as of chefs and welders. Getting rid of the BA and replacing it with evidence of competence-treating post-secondary education as apprenticeships for everyone-is one way to help us to recognize that common bond.”(Article)
The intriguing part to his last paragraph is the fact that no one is qualified when beginning a job. You need to work hard to gradually meeting qualifications and promotions that give you the titles earned based on the criteria of the applicable training and skills acquired. This would entail, working your way up the ladder of success and entitlement. Starting from the bottom and fighting for the top.
Could the assumption be made that Charles Murray was coming across clearly to whoever his target audience would be? I would have to assume he was targeting people looking for an excuse not to get educated academically or just want to be certified in a skill or trade, or vice versa. Simply anyone who would sit down and read this article.
Basically I…

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