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Recovery Support Experience Paper

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There are a lot of things that people can be addicted to, but I am going to stick to one, which is alcohol. When addicted to something it’s when you are being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is expressively or physically habit forming, especially alcohol or narcotic drugs. There is different ways that people can go get help with something that they are dependent on, well in other words addicted to. You can get help in person, over the one, and even online.

There are many different times and places where people can attend an A. A program.

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Recovery Support Experience Paper
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I attended a program on Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 1:30p. m. This meeting was being held at the Stairway Club II (3441 N. Rancho Drive Las Vegas, NV 89108). At the Stairway Club II they have meetings everyday at many different times. They have meetings as early as 5:45 a. m. and as late as 8:00 p. m. When I attended this meeting there was not that many people as I thought it was going to be.

Once when the meeting had started, the person that is leading the meeting read the AA preamble and then she lead the group prayer.

I did not know that they said a prayer at AA meetings; I was not expecting that. The lady asked if there was any one who was new or if it was there first time attending the meeting that would like to introduce themselves by their first name. The name of the meeting was called the 12 steps. I am not sure if the lady was doing the steps in order, but she only talked about one step. I do not remember what step she talked about, but I do know that after she talked about that step, she asked if anyone had any experiences related to the step in which she talked about and if they would like to share.

This is the part of the meeting that I found was the most interesting. The reason why is because out of all the people that had talked I remember each and every one of their stories, but I am only going to talk about one. The very first person who stood up was a lady and she did not say her name for some reason. She started off saying that a friend of hers had been sober for some time now knew that she had a drinking problem. She said that something told her friend to call her and tell her that she was taking her to a meeting.

Of course she refused to go and came up with an excuse saying that she did not have a babysitter. The friend told her that her son can babysit and before she hung up the phone the friend that she was on her way to come get her. The lady speaking said that she had felt so sick that day and she really did not want to go. She felt as if there was no hope for her and that it was too late for her, so why go to a meeting. She attended her first AA meeting with her friend and during that meeting she discovered why she drunk so much.

She drunk so much because she was drinking away her feelings and she was also very angry. She did not say why she was angry, but she did say that through every meeting she understood what being angry had meant and with her finding that out she became sober. She said that she did not like being sober because when sober she felt all the emotions she was having and she was mad that she had to feel them. I remember her saying that she wrote a list of all the feelings she had felt and who she was having these feeling towards. She said when she did that she felt better with each word she had written.

After listening to everyone who had spoke, I realized that the good thing about attending AA meetings is that you can listen to everybody’s stories and to actually understand why people turn to alcohol. The good thing about someone with a drinking problem attending these meeting is that they can express themselves without being judge. I do not think that there is nothing wrong with attending on of these meetings if you want help with your problem because all they ask you is to stop drinking. I do think that recovery meetings are effective in helping addicted individuals and their families.

Experiencing one of these meetings opened my eyes because these individuals are just regular people who just handle their problems and emotions through drinking. When interacting with these people, you just have to be come and see things the way they see it to better help them. Online meetings are not that different from attending meetings in person. The only thing that is different is that you can’t see the person, you can only hear them. When attending an online meeting they have a prayer they say, with is the same prayer that was said in the meeting I attended in person.

When the meeting starts, they have a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. Then they have different readings through out there 90 minute meeting. They want you to take notes throughout the meeting as well. The chair person reads the A. A Preamble, goes over the 12 steps, the 12 traditions in a short form, and they also have many different readings for a book. I do not remember the name of the book, but the chair person read a chapter called “A Vision For you. ” She also read a poem called “One Day At a Time. ” I really liked the poem that the chair person had read. It was short and to the point.

I think that this poem is not just for individuals with addictions; it’s for everyone. Overall, I think that the main reason why people attend online meeting is so people won’t see their face. I also think that my experience with the other meeting was way better and it also had my attention compared to the online meeting. I don’t think that I would recommend online meetings because I think that individuals should see the emotions and how people react to what other people have to say. This meeting started a 10:30 p. m. , it’s every day, and it’s located on the Courage 2 Change AA website.

The second meeting I attended was basically the same as the first meeting. The person who led the meeting started it off with the same prayer as the other meetings. The three things that were different are, this meeting was a regular AA meeting, the people were different and their stores. The one thing that I liked about the second meeting was that it was later than the first meeting and the poem that he had read. This meeting was at the same location and it started at 7:00 p. m. and the poem was called “Drunks. ” To me, the first meeting that I attended was better than the other, maybe because it was my first time going to an AA meeting.

The second time the meeting did not really keep my attention. I think it was how the person leading the meeting seemed down to me, so that was something that I did not like. When attending these meetings, I think that everyone should go in with an open mind. It does not matter if the meeting is online, on the phone, or in person, you should have an open mind because you never know what to expect. No one should be judgmental either because if it was you in their shoes, you wouldn’t want to be judge either. Finally, there is nothing wrong with getting help. If you need it, go get it.

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