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Disaster Recovery Plan

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    Furthermore, there are unfortunately multiple situations that may be man-made rather than Mother Nature. These include things such as strikes, work stoppages, sabotage, burglary, or any type of hostile activity. Considering that The Bloom Design Group is now using a WAN system to coordinate its business processes, an appropriate disaster recover plan will include having an alternate site to step in, in the event of an emergency. This will include an outside vendor who will provide backup services in the event that the programs at The Bloom Design Group fail for one reason or another.

    In the interest of financial feasibility, The Group should contract for a warm site to step in if the home networks are compromised. 3 Disaster Recovery Test Plan For each testing method listed, briefly describe each method and your rationale for why it will or will not be included in your DRP test plan. 1 Walk-throughs The first assessment of the plan would be to implement a supervised walk-through of the test. By conducting this test it will present any added material regarding any additional processes that may need to be added, adjustments in measures that are not sufficient, and additional pertinent changes.

    The policy has to be amended to legitimate any issues found during the test. The first test run would be best completed in fractions and when less activity is being completed to lessen interruptions to the inclusive operations of the organization. This is an excellent option to include in The Bloom Design Group disaster recovery plan (DRP). 2 Simulations This is a situation where a mockup is created to closely simulate an attack or other danger (Merkow, 2006). This will mimic the response to emergency as closely as possible. This is an excellent option to include in The Bloom Design Group disaster recovery plan (DRP). Checklists In this situation, the members of The Bloom Design Group reenlist of their responsibilities during an emergency. This is also a great resource for The Bloom Design Group in the beginning stages of testing their DRP. 4 Parallel testing In this situation, both the current systems at The Bloom Design Group as well as the systems at the warm site will operate at the same time. This is a way for comprehensive test of the backup system’s ability to handle the data coming through the standard site at The Bloom Design Group.

    This should be integrated into The Bloom Design Group’s DRP to confirm the competence of the system. 1 Full interruption In this test, the systems at The Bloom Design Group are shut down completely. This scary but necessary evaluation is used to clarify the usefulness and appropriateness of the backup system. If the backup system does not work, The Bloom Design Group can take the necessary precautions in a situation hopefully less painful than a true disaster. Again, this is a helpful test to include in The Bloom Design Group’s DRP.

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