Active Support and Individual’s Support in Hotel Model

The hotel model is where support staff are doing things for people and they become observers in their own lives. Active support is a way of ensuring people are able to engage and participate in their own support.

Identify practical changes that could be made within a service setting to: •promote an individual’s independence
To promote an individual’s independence, professionals should encourage and support them to take part in social, economic and cultural activities and join networks in the community. Independence means self determination, respect and equal opportunity. People living with one or more long term conditions have the right to decide what support they need and from whom. To promote independence, professionals should: enable individuals and their family to take part in a range of activities and join networks in the community help individuals to use equipment to aid their independence

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•support informed choices
Putting in place communication boards showing information in a way that is understood by the individual.

•improve quality of life
By making an individual’s choice of activities, food etc. person centred so that they enjoy what they do in life therefore making them happier.

Assess the levels of help an individual would need to participate in a range of new activities

In this case management is to help the client attain a higher level of activities if this is not met, then we need to assess why the first plan did not work and create a new plan.

Use task analysis to break a range of new activities into manageable steps for an individual

Evaluate different ways of positively reinforcing an individual’s participation in a range of new activities

Using positive reinforcement is an easy way to mix behavior problems. You can use positive reinforcers can help you encourage your client to do everyday tasks you need them to perform. Picking up after themself, brushing their teeth, and even getting to bed on time are just a few of the things that can be improved using positive reinforcement. Any type of reward or incentive you give your client that results in increasing the behavior you want your client to perform is a positive reinforcer

Demonstrate positive interaction with an individual to promote successful participation in a range of new activities

Positive interaction with colleagues and clients is essential to successful business. Using activities to demonstrate effective interaction with members of staff and clients can promote a positive outcome.

Develop daily plans with the individual and others to ensure a valued range of activities for an individual are available throughout the day, avoiding lengthy periods of disengagement

Daily plans would include Person centred planning which really includes the individual is the best way forward to ensure plans that engage the individual – he or she along with family or friends as appropriate can give you information about the sorts of activities the person enjoys and can suggest outings etc

Support the implementation of daily plans that promote an individual’s participation in a range of activities

Review and revise an individual’s daily plan with the individual and others to increase the opportunities for participation

Handover and formal care reviews or multidisciplinary meetings will be appropriate places to discuss and note any changes or issues. You should be sure your point is heard if you have any concerns and always refer back to records or more experienced staff or family members if there is anything you are unsure of. Once again, the most important person is the individual, so it is their experience which is important so it is their opinion which you should put forward, being careful not to overlay your own judgement unless it is a matter of health, safety or welfare. Any changes must be recorded in the records with appropriate signatures according to your company’s policies and best practice.

Develop a person-centred record to monitor an individual’s participation in activities

Person centred planning and thinking is a way of supporting individuals to think about their lives now and in the future. It is about making sure individuals are involved in planning their lives; work toward their goals and get the right support. Person centred planning is about moving away from planning for a person to planning with a person, talking about a person to talking with a person, not starting with what’s wrong with a person but with what’s important to a person, that health and safety doesn’t dictate a person’s life but addresses what a person chooses to do. True person centred planning and thinking should develop and grow with the individual as they also develop and grow.

Review an individual’s participation in activities to assess changes over time

Evaluate the extent to which an individual’s participation over time represents the balance of activity associated with a valued lifestyle

Valued lifestyle refers to the balance of activities that contribute to a good quality of life for individuals, incorporating vocational, domestic, personal, leisure, educational and social activities.

Explain the changes required to improve the quality of an individual’s participation to promote independence, informed choice and a valued life

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