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Red Bull is known worldwide and is market leader in the energy drink market. They maintain their dominant position by heavy investments in advertising and lucrative sponsorships. The following brand elements are carefully designed to fit the image. -Name The drink originated in Thailand and was used by workers to stay awake during their long shifts. They called it Krating Daeng or ‘Red Bull’ in English. A German business man, Dietrich Mateschitz, approached the manufacturers and bought the foreign licensing rights.

By introducing Red Bull in the west he singlehandedly created the new product category of ‘tonic drinks’. Rumour has it that the main ingredient, taurine, was made out of bull’s semen. However this is not true and as the official website states that taurine is purely synthetic and not derived from animals. -Slogan Red Bull uses the slogan “Red Bull gives you wings! ”. In all their advertisements this sentence is used, in order to convince people of the stimulating effect of the energy drink.

This slogan is usually accompanied by the phrase ‘stimulates your body and mind’. -Logo The Red Bull logo is used on all products and is very recognisable. The brand name stands out in bright red letters and conveys the message that this is a powerful drink. The two charging bulls also represent the idea of energy and power. -Packaging Red Bull cans come in many different sizes but the most recognisable one is the 250 ml. When they first arrived on the energy drink market Red Bull was able to quickly gain market share in the energy drink market.

A part of this is accomplished by the unusual smaller size of the can which caused for a smaller volume of the drink to be produced. This unique look of the can has become so recognisable that new products or different sizes of cans are fitted with the same design. References: http://spykefleming. blogspot. com/2010/02/red-bull-logo-reliant-on-color. html http://everything2. com/title/Red+Bull http://www. redbull. be/cs/Satellite/nl_BE/bedrijf/001243029853278 http://www. bized. co. uk/compfact/redbull/redbullindex. htm? page=6

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