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Red Bull Brand Positioning Survey

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  • Pages 2
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    Bull Brand Survey A true understanding of brand positioning comes only after getting the consumers’ insights, opinions, feedback, and vision of a product. To get those I hosted an online survey and shared it with my friends, which are potential and current customers of Red Bull: most of them are current students or recent college graduates, 20-30 y. O. The selected questions for survey were:  are you male or female?

    What is you #1 choice when you are looking for an energy boost? On what occasions do you drink Red Bull and how often? How do you think Red Bull is different from other energy drinks? What are the first three things coming to your mind when you think of Red Bull? Do you think Red Bull is reasonably priced compared to other energy drinks? What Red Bull taste reminds you and how do you like it? Do you believe that energy drinks are more harmful for our health than other caffeine drinks (coffee or tea)? If so, why? Where did you get this information?

    According to survey results Red Bull is a very strong brand, which is associated with great unique taste, fun time, energetic sports, parties and nightlife, and cool advertising. We could gather 28 respondents with approximately 47% women and 53% man. 44% of people have Red Bull as their number one choice when it comes to energy boost. About 40% of respondents drink Red Bull at least once a week and never drink it. 22% of people prefer coffee to any other energy sources. About 22% drink Red Bull at parties or night clubs either the energy drink itself or with vodka/]germinates. 4% drink it when they need to stay productive at work and prefer Red Bull when they are tired of coffee. 30% of people say that the reason they would buy Red Bull instead of other energy drinks is the unique taste. Some of respondents said that they really like the creative advertising and the ways Red Bull reaches the target market. 48% of people that Red Bull is reasonably priced compared to other energy drinks and 25% think it is overpriced. 48% believe that energy drinks are more harmful compared to coffee or tea.

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    Red Bull Brand Positioning Survey. (2017, Sep 29). Retrieved from

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    What demographic is Red Bull?
    Age: Young adults (between 16 and 29); young urban professionals, post-secondary school students and club-goers. Gender: Red Bull`s main target is male customers but females are part of their customers …show more content… Their first target is the countries that Red Bull company has small or no market share.
    Why is Red Bull so successful?
    By connecting to extreme sports, Red Bull gives off an exciting image to customers. Red Bull's brand resonates with its target audience, another key to their success. Their ability is to sell its brand but not push their product. Their content focuses solely on the enjoyment of the reader, not selling Red Bull.

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