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Reflection Paper on the Film “Harmony”

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These are Just are Just some of the words that I could really think of after watching this movie “Harmony’. To be honest, this is probably one of the best and the nicest Korean drama that Vie seen so far. While I’m watching it, I couldn’t stop my tears from falling because of the heartwarming scenes, and even after I have finished, thoughts of this movie always fill my mind. So basically, this movie is about a group of ladies, with different personalities, who are imprisoned to pay the crimes that they have committed in the past.

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Reflection Paper on the Film “Harmony”
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Hong Gone Hey, who is one of them, has a big problem to face; and that is to give away or let her baby be adopted when he reaches 18 months, according to the law. That’s why she made a plan of forming a choir for her to be given a time with her baby. There were many apprehensions and obstacles but as time passed by, the choir that the inmates have created was a successful one.

And so Gone Hey was able to cherish the moment with her baby, though there was limited time only.

The storyline may not be that complicated, but the actual content and scenes are able to create great impact and it can give more than what we expect in this film. I won’t have regrets in saying that this movie is close to my heart. It’s not that because l, or a member of my family, had been sent into Jail, I have no experience like that at all. It is because there are certain things that I or we all can relate to, the realities that our world can offer. This movie teaches us the empowering value of love, the unconditional love that a mother can give to her child/Rene.

We are reminded that from the time when we were still in our mother’s womb, we are already loved. Wherever we go in life, there is always a bond that never separates us from our mother, both of our parent’s. Another thing is the love between families. The tie that we’ve created with our family will never be gone. Through thick and thin, we will still be a family. Just like the inmates, we may be away from our family, but the love will remain. Our family is the greatest gift that is given to us by God.

Next thing that is really remarkable to me is the idea of friendship. In this film, we are taught of the wonderful friendship that the inmates have created. This is to show that no man is an island. We are never alone, cause we have friends that we can lean upon. It’s a warming and pleasant experience to be with them. No matter how big we are facing or how difficult we are undertaking, our loads will be lessened if we have friends with us. Lastly, two important values that are taught in the movie are perseverance and determination.

These two usually go together. When we aim for something, we must work hard to achieve it and we must believe that it can be done. And when we persevere, our hardwood will be paid of soon. Those were the things portrayed in the movie which I highly admire. If there are admirable things portrayed in the movie, there are bad things as well. The bad side of humanity and the sad reality can be seen in this film. It shows how judgmental people are, how our perceptions on a person are based to our first impressions.

We easily make bad conclusions, even if we have not proven it yet, or even if we haven’t known the persons yet. There is also common tendency of stereotyping, which is clearly not good. Not all people are the same. Not all those who are in Jail are really evil people. We must consider that there are innocent people who are Just accused as well as people whose reasons for the crime are Justified. We are all imperfect. We must always remember that we are capable of making mistakes and we all deserve to be treated fairly and equally among others.

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