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“Perfect Harmony” Sufi Verse Form by Ibn ‘Arabi

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The transition was taken from Perfect Harmony. a Sufi verse form by Ibn ‘Arabi ( 1165-1240 ) . Sufi poesy is the written illustration of a Muslim’s journey to happen godly love and cognition through a direct. personal experience of God. The verse form is a testament to the poet’s transcendent love matter with a immature Persian adult female named Nizham. which means “Hamony. ” Throughout the verse form Ibn ‘Arabi symbolically describes the beauty of Nizham and his pursuit to happen her in a series of allusions to nature.

depicting her in the dazzling Sun. in the cool East air current. in the swaying of camels. in the full Moon.

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“Perfect Harmony” Sufi Verse Form by Ibn ‘Arabi
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The verse form is consistent with the manner of Sufi literature. which is by and large written utilizing nonliteral linguistic communication and fable. The peculiar subdivision quoted describes the mode in which Nizham has transformed Ibn ‘Arabi. Because of her fantastic beauty and great love. his bosom has become able to take on all signifiers.

His bosom has been opened and enlightened. His bosom is as a grazing land for gazelles – peaceful and nourishing to both his organic structure and psyche. His bosom has become as an abbey for monastics – a topographic point of peace. regard and worship. This transition is peculiarly of import because it explains the profound feeling left on the bosom of Ibn ‘Arabi.

The transmutation of bosom he describes is more than his love for a adult female. but is besides a traveling religious experience that has brought him closer to God. A Perfect Harmony is a beautiful illustration of Sufi poesy. as Ibn ‘Arabi’s elusive hints between his love for the keen Nizham and the beauty of the motions of the natural universe allow the reader to sympathize with the poet. In appreciating the linguistic communication and understanding the true significance of the verse form. the reader is given the chance to follow and appreciate the poet’s religious journey and is left divine to ship on a pursuit of his ain to intensify his relationship with God.

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