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Relation Between Teacher and Student

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School has to be place where young people should learn something more about life and all the problems in it and have a lot of fun. The condition for that is a good teacher-student relationship. The relationship would be possible if there is understanding between both sides. Unfortunately in my school that is very hard to active. We, students want to do things that our teachers don’t allow. Some of them understand us and let us “go”, but some have no toleration at all.

Even if it could be better we are very happy.

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Relation Between Teacher and Student
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Believe or not we have a great time and we wish everyone to spend as more time as they can with their teachers for better and stronger relationship. I think that relationship between the teachers and students need to be friendly. Students need to cooperate with their teachers more, with it students can learn more about suitable subject. I think that the teachers need to find the best way to present the subject to the students, I think that the presenting need to be something which can interest the students in some interesting and close way to us.

I know that because, some classes where is boring I don’t try to learn much. In classes where is fun and interesting I can learn much more and I don’t need to try hard to understood the lessons. I have teachers who are fun and interesting people which they try to present the subject on the interesting way I love that subjects and I cooperate with them as much as possible, so I learn a lot of other things which are connected to my subject. It is good to have good teachers which can explain some dilemmas about lots of things.

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