Relation Between Teacher and Student

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The author believes that school should be a place where students can learn about life and have fun, but this is only possible with a good teacher-student relationship. Unfortunately, the author feels that this is difficult to achieve in their school due to a lack of understanding between teachers and students. The author believes that teachers should be friendly and cooperate with students more, and find interesting ways to present subjects to keep students engaged. The author has had positive experiences with teachers who are fun and interesting, and believes that good teachers can also help students with life dilemmas.

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School should serve as both an educational and enjoyable environment, fostering a strong teacher-student relationship built on understanding. Nevertheless, establishing this bond at my school is difficult. Students often desire to participate in activities that some teachers disapprove of. While some understand and encourage our exploration, others are less accepting. Despite the need for improvement, we remain content.

It is crucial to prioritize spending quality time with teachers in order to build a positive and strong relationship. Cooperation and engagement with teachers are key for students to enhance their understanding of subject matter that aligns with their interests. Furthermore, it is essential for teachers to utilize effective teaching methods that make the subject matter relatable and interesting.

When a class is dull, my motivation to learn decreases. However, when the class is stimulating and interesting, I easily grasp the lessons. Fortunately, my teachers possess both expertise and charisma. They make the subjects fascinating and I actively engage with them, which enhances my understanding of the topic. Having competent instructors who can effectively explain various subjects is truly beneficial.

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