Qualities of an Ideal Teacher That Build a Student to Succeed

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The Ideal Teacher: The qualities that build a student to succeed. Learning simply cannot occur in a class if a student is not focused and attentive. Capturing the attention of a classroom can be a difficult challenge. From their past years and experiences, teachers develop and adopt their own techniques to get students to focus on any lesson, discussion, or activity. What are some characteristics considered ideal for a teacher to have in order to help a student succeed and excel in life?

An ideal teacher is one that is understanding, compassionate, humorous, and motivated. An ideal teacher knows where the students are lacking and what type of learning environment each learns best in. Students that are different from each other do not think alike; they will react differently to each unique situation. Students cannot be treated the same; consequently, they need individual attention. An ideal teacher has a variety of lesson plans and does not teach the same way consistently; as a result, the pupil will have a unique and successful learning experience.

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An understanding teacher never fails to fulfill the needs of the students and tries the very best to comprehend them. An ideal teacher must understand student’s differences because every student is exceptional in their own way. Another characteristic the ideal teacher must have is the need to be compassionate. The ideal teacher demonstrates compassion by being firm, consistent, and fair. For example, Kindergarten teachers demonstrate compassion by having to deal with a great variety of messes, spills, spilled paint, crumbled crayons, and messy meals, to mention just some of them.

Compassion is remembering that nobody is perfect, no matter how many times they spill paint or have a messy table. Even teachers make mistakes, so students feel accepted when teachers do not criticize them. Teachers can discipline them by telling them to clean and take responsibility for their mistakes. Teachers also need to refrain from infuriation or expectations of perfection. It also means caring about the student’s life, and knowing how to respond to the feelings of the pupil. Furthermore, the teacher needs to have willingness to have open talks about any situation the student is in.

An example of how an ideal teacher cares about her student is by talking to them in private and giving advice in any home or school situation they are in, and not criticize or judge them. This ideal teacher is also encouraging, and lastly responds to the students? needs adequately and enthusiastically. Teachers must show compassion to their students because they can make a difference in the student’s life. In addition to being compassionate, an ideal teacher should also have a sense of humor.

Teachers have to be able to laugh at themselves because being a teacher can sometimes be a very intense job, regardless of the age of the students they are teaching. If teachers have a sense of humor, it can go a long way for students by making them have an approaching attitude and showing interaction towards the lesson. Teachers do not have to be clowns or comedians in order to have humor, and should set a boundary between the way information is being delivered and how the students apply the information. Additionally, the humor should not be forced; it has to come naturally.

Teachers can use humor to solve tension out of extensive problems because it will bring the classroom together and avoid students thinking about going to school with a boring teacher. For example, a teacher can show his or her sense of humor when he or she throws a joke while giving a lesson. The makes the students more attentive, and enthusiastic about their class. It is important to remember that a little bit of humor will always make a class more enjoyable and comfortable. An ideal teacher never lets students have limitations with their goals. This, motivation is a quality all ideal teachers must have.

This teacher always motivates the students to look beyond and make them broaden their horizon as well as encourage them to follow what they want to reach, even if they are having trouble. Although educators cannot make or teach the students to be self-motivated, they can help develop, encourage, and promote this highly desirable personal trait. The students’ self-motivation will show if they know what is expected from them and believe that the effort they are putting into an assignmet is worthwhile. This individual also needs to be aware of the impact that their verbal and nonverbal language have on their students?motivation level.

Teachers who give eye contact to their students can make a student feel more confortabe. It affects students personalities and learnings if they are not saying or expressing the right movements or words. Teachers show that they are motivated by helping the student out with a problem they dont understand, and telling their student not to give up in the first try. Motivation is a characteristic that all ideal teachers should possess. Finally, understanding, compassion, humor, and motivation are just some of the characteristics that an ideal teacher must own.

The ideal teacher prefers to give positive motivation boosting their morale. Their comments are always constructive and helpful. They can serve as a friend, guide, educator, confidante, and are always there for support. Teachers can be a guide and help students make the right desicions. Teachers can be a friend by giving support, adivice, and being there when needed. Last of all teachers are eduacators because they teach basic lessons needin orded in order to succeed in life. Teachers can shape the entire life of the student by pushing them succeed and excel in life.

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