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Remember the Titans, Directed by Boaz Yakin

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The film ‘Remember the Titans’ directed by Boas Yakking filmed in the year 2000. In this essay I will describe how a character changes throughout the movie. The character have chosen is Gerry Bertie the captain of the titans football team, in the movie Gerry changes from races to against racism.

At the Start Of the film Remember the Titans, Gerry Bertie rushers to a fight against black people this is how Boas Yakking explains that Gerry Bertie is assist because Gerry’ rusher into a fight without knowing the reason why the fight broke out.

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Remember the Titans, Directed by Boaz Yakin
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In my own opinion I think Gerry is racist because he is going to fight because he is white and he is against black people, so were Ray, Allen and the others that followed their captain Gerry Bertie into the flight.

Half way through the movie when the titan’s football team is on camp Julius challenges Gerry because ray isn’t blocking for Rev (black football player) and Julius mentions to Gerry “attitude reflects leadership” Gerry then looks at Julius and starts to realism that what he is doing is wrong.

Hind what Julius said changed Geyser’s perspective because he looked shocked and he realizes that he has to do something about Ray not blocking for Rev because he could get hurt and he needs to change his attitude to become a better captain. The morning after Julius and Gerry argument, coach Boone wakes the team up at am in the morning all coach Bones says is don’t get lost on the way, the team set out on a early morning run, coach Boone leads them to Gettysburg where he tells them about what happened there, when coach

Boone is talking the director has captured a close up shot of Gerry that film technique shows the audience that Gerry is listening to coach Boone, later on in the film it proves that he listen to coach Boone because Gerry tells Ray off for not blocking he tells him to block Rev and Julius see that he is trying to change his perspective in how Gerry sees black people they look at each other and smile then Gerry taps Julius on the shoulder and says ‘this is left side” Julius replies with “strong side” they repeat those word over and over again. Ink that Gerry is now releasing that to become a great captain he has to overcome all the racism and work together in order for the team to achieve success. One of the games Ray ends up letting the opposition through and Rev gets hit and he breaks his wrist Ray acts like he doesn’t know what happened but Gerry knew that Ray didn’t block on purpose because at the start of the film Ray says to Gerry “I’m just buying my time” and Julius realizes that he wasn’t going to block for Rev because he was black Julius tried warning Gerry and that’s how Gerry knew he didn’t block on purpose.

After the game Gerry says to Ray ” your off the team Ray” Gerry has kicked Ray off the team that’s shows that he has changed and he is non-racist no more by kicking ray off the team it also shows that he is putting the team before himself. I think that he has finally changed his perspective about racism. In conclusion, the director Boas Yakking has made the audience realism that the main character that changed for the good of things was Gerry Bertie he went from racist to non-racist he overcame many obstacles and he united his football team the titans.

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