Remembrances Of Calcutta

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The weight of responsibility forces backs to grow stronger, as girls are married immediately upon reaching physical womanhood. Once married, they transition from being mouths to be fed to providers. While looking out the doorway at her own children, a woman hopes for a better childhood for them than the one she had. However, without money to send them to school, the cycle will continue. The laughter in her eyes is silenced, as all attention now belongs to me. I am aware of my clothes, which show no signs of wear, contrasting with the loose hardware coverings on bony shoulders.

The sound of my bracelets jingles while my earrings bob from my ears, their polished silver reflecting the dusty streets and empty stares. I feel ashamed of the sparkle, even as my new sandals protect my delicate feet from the scorching sunbeaten ground. The breeze playfully tickles my feet, keeping them cool, but does nothing to soothe the burning of my face caused by the constant stares. In the home of my Father’s Aunt, the light seeping through the sole window reveals a spotlessly clean living area that is no larger than my current bedroom.

Feeling ashamed of my possessions and desires, I also feel hunger as savory smells surround me. Though I struggle to speak due to a newfound perspective, I still manage to express my need for food. This hunger reminds me of the young mother on the street corner, with her hardened hand reaching out for alms while pointing towards her child. As I drop coins into her hand, her rugged touch lingers on my fingertips. Their desperate eyes beg me to remember that my hunger is not real; I do not truly know what anger is.

At night, in the midst of darkness and silence, I revisit the place that holds memories. Quietly, I wander through the streets as an observer, witnessing the ongoing struggles. My mind is burdened with memories, urging me to remain focused. Despite the beauty that surrounds me and my comfortable dwelling, represented by a well-organized collection of nine pairs of shoes in a closet, I cannot find true tranquility. Each day serves as a constant reminder of the unfairness and inequalities that prevail in our world.

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